Unfair Education System for English

Hello, I’m an Indian 10th Grader. And Here in India , Tenth Grade holds a lot of importance. I am discontent with the education system here. The way they judge you and grade you in English.

It’s not my English teacher’s fault. It’s The Education Board. All the rules set up are by the “Board”. The “Board” petrifies every tenth grader. Questions such as opinions about happenings in a story or writing an essay/letter are asked , where we are graded. But , how can they.

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Nobody’s opinions should be judged. It’s the grammar and the usage of the language of which the invigilators should be concerned of. You can not expect everybody to be a professional Author with depp thoughts. You just can not judge our opinions. Personally, I was once asked to write about my feelings towards the soldiers who died defending the city from terrorists.

The question as i recall was “Do you feel sad on hearing about the death of our brave soldiers?” I answered saying “No, I am not saddened by the death of our heroes. In fact , I feel very proud that my nation built up such brave soldiers. A patriotic feeling rises.” (Obviously , I elaborated on it) I received a big red cross on my answer sheet and a remark stating that I should not act stone-hearted. Well, we are boys. Don’t expect us to get emotional and agree to the answer stating that Indeed , I am very saddened and state all the positive traits of the soldier.

I had a valid opinion but instead of checking on proper usage of the language my opinion was judged. I would appreciate if the board stops judging our opinions and give us marks for the proper usage of the language. Also , I believe the “Board” has extracted all the fun out this wonderful subject. It is about mugging up all the stories and writing it all. Students prefer mugging up all the answers instead of reading the rather boring stories.

Is all this really enhancing our language capabilities? I don’t think so. With all due respect. – Another Indian 10th grader being mentally harassed by “The Board”