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**** Topic sentence: * In my results from the Ethical Lens Inventory; my personal preferred lens is Relationship and Reputation Lens. My blind spot is overconfidence in process or unrealistic role expectations. In the results it states that I occasionally trust the process a great deal, because I trust that a consistent process result in a just outcome for all. I believe that my strengths are my behavior, tools for analyzing problems and gift. My ethical behavior is fair and living out role responsibilities.

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The tools for analyzing problems I use are authority and tradition. The results say that I tend to think through a problem carefully and research options, which I totally agree with. My goal is to make a complete informed decision. My gift is justice and compassion, which mean I am concerned with fairness. My weaknesses are my risk, temptation and vice. My risks are being authoritarian and self- righteous.

In the result it states that I tend to assume that my way is the best.People tend to tell me that I think that way, “my way or the highway. ” It also states that the privileges and perks of my role belong to me because I believe that I am better than others, which I would have to disagree. My temptation is exemption and entitlement. It states that I believe I have a right to special privileges. My vice is become an ambitious elitist or hard-hearted.

My values consist of core and classical. My core values are equality and rationally/sensibility.In the results it states that I prefer that individuals are treated fairly. My rationality and sensibility are equally the same. The best solution is consistent and flexible.

My classical values are justice and fortitude. The results states that I tend to avoid rash actions. What personal ethic means to me the moral principle or values governing or distinctive of a particular culture or groups. My personal ethic helps me determine a course in a situation. Ethic is the principle or value of right and wrong.