University Is the Key to Your Dream Job

Have you ever wondered about what university you want to study in or what you would like to be when you grow up? Probably a scientist, professor, or a pilot? I would be a businessman. Most people, especially during their young ages, may not be interested about the topic. However, I find it very important for my future and something to learn more about. I believe students should understand the benefits of universities to decide whether or not they should go and even why.

In my point of view, universities give you the opportunities to become independent, make new friends, and “buy a ticket” to your dream job. Even though the list of benefits can go on a few days, there are a few disadvantages such as not having enough money to pay for school and not getting the right degree for work.However, after reading this essay, one may see that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. To begin with, most people come to school to gain knowledge. It is something we gain through reading and studying. That is why those “Einsteins” at universities tend to read more than many others in college or highschool.

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Knowing that, I read everyday and learn as many vocabulary words as possible. As Theodore Roosevelt had said, “A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” In a university degree, we get to study in an area of field that we are interested in. After the completion of studies, you have a wider knowledge of your dream job as a preparation for real experience. Usually colleges provide you a limit of degrees but universities provide you more choices that you can take.

With these degrees you can get into high-paid jobs with full-time employment that could change your life forever. Also, studies show that people who go to university, or read more, are likely to live a healthy lifestyle without smoking or experiencing obesity. Other than burying your nose in the long boring and exhausting books, you get to play with your buddies and even your roommates. This is something I find very smart, meaningful, and influential because it helps you to communicate and cooperate with each other, as well as learning the skills you need for your careers (

Back in middle school, I remember picking the smartest one to work with. Of course, probably in universities students would work with a wider range of students for the reason to learn new studying techniques their friends have. In addition, students also work outside in order to save money and pay for the universities fees. Taking my perspective into account, this is a way to become independent by knowing how to spend the money wisely and learn how to do house chores like cooking and fixing the car. I am only a middle schooler yet I received advices from my parents about universities. My mother often told me about the university she used to study in the city of Hue.

At her time, almost everyone was poor, so my mother had to sell fruits and yogurt in order to help her family and pay for school fees. When my mother obtained a scholarship, she studied without paying as well as earning a small amount of money, 60,000VND (equals to $50 in American currency at the present). To her, it was already something to be proud of. My dad faced the same circumstance. He also received a scholarship, but he was studying in Saigon before he met my mother. He told me about how friendly his classmates were and how much he had to study for his subject of field.

Both of my parents received the bachelor’s degree in business, and they became very successful in running their own business. That is why I wanted to become a businessman. Every once in awhile, my dad would encourage me to read more and get more A’s in school. I remembered him saying: “Reading and good grades make a perfect combination for a bright future.” However, on the other side, some may choose to not go to universities because they have a few disadvantages.

If your chosen job doesn’t require the degree that you earned, then the years that you spent studying might be a waste. If the requirement is higher than the degree you have, then you would have to spent a few more years studying to achieve it. As I said, it is important to prepare and know which degree you should target on. Another disadvantage is that some universities have high expectations and are expensive. For example, the price at the famous Harvard University for one year fluctuates between $70,000 and $150,000. To be honest, I think it would take forever for my parents to earn the money. Similarly, many students around the world don’t have enough money to pay. Although this may be a problem, I have a solution. For me, I would earn some money before going to my dream university.

Another solution I have is to earn a scholarship. Even though this is hard to achieve, it comes as handy when you get to attend these schools for free or only pay a small fraction of the total money. I am only a middle school student yet I know why it is best to go to universities rather than going to college or getting a job after high school. Some benefits are that they prepare you better for your dream job, make you work harder in receiving more knowledge, and be independent on your own as well as being socialized. In conclusion, time is gold, but using some of it for universities is something that can make a huge difference in your life.