Unnoticed Hero

“Most people think success looks like this, (shows a straight line going all the way to the top) but in reality it’s like this, (shows a line going up, and down, and side to side, and all scribbled up, and once you get to the very top it starts going straight up but not before you you go through what looks like a jumbled up chaotic mess) there are going to be rough times in life and times where it where you feel like you can’t get through, but i’m telling you now, you can do anything if you just put your mind to it. If you just take your work seriously, and try your hardest in school, and your sports, you CAN do anything…” This is what i read as i saw the back of my 8th grade graduation card from my oldest sister, and her husband.

What he wrote stuck with me, and made a big impression on how i did things there on forward. This is one of many wise things he’s told me, and let me in on, and not only does he just say this stuff but he actually follows them himself and shows me even though all the obstacles he has faced and even when the odds are against him he could make himself hard-working, determined, and successful man he is today. He’s always been a sort of a role model to me, and i’ve always looked up to him like a father figure considering he has been in my life since i was about 4 years old, so for as long as i could remember back hes been with my sister, and has been there for me whenever i needed something. When it comes to the ones he cares about, he’d do whatever he could to make them happy, and make sure they succeed. I remember when i first started wrestling he’d always try to show me new moves, and more low key ways of doing things so my opponent wouldn’t expect it. Hed try his best to help me learn, and succeed with every sport like football, wrestling, etc.

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I know it doesn’t seem like much, but for me growing up with all girls in my family there was really no one i could talk to about my sports, and boyish stuff like that so having him there when i needed him was a blessing. He still does stuff like this but not to me so much anymore, but to my little 6 year old nephew who had just started wrestling, and football like me when i was his age, and its funny to watch because i can specifically remember when that was me, and how what he had said really opened up the doors of what i could do with just some dedication, and practice. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of how much of a caring person, and father he really is, this is just 1 small example of many. Job is also an extremely hard determined worker. As he grew up not being the most fortunate of kids/teenagers, living in a small house with 1 other brother, and sister.

He just skimmed through middle school, and some of high school always getting in trouble with the law,and not caring about grades that much because he “didn’t realize how much high school, and grades really does determine your future, and where you’ll go after school…”. When he finally realized it most people would have either given up, and thought that they just ruined their lives, or just not care, but not him, he started working hard all the way till high school ended, and even after that.

He landed a good job as a plumber, and really excelled in that so he decided he was going to get more schooling on it. After he got all of that done, he opened up his own business and that REALLY took off. It just amazes me to see someone grow up like him and even though he didn’t take schooling as seriously as he should have at first, and wasn’t the best teenager, he caught that, and turned his life around becoming the successful man, and good husband/father that he is today. Most people, or at least a lot of people when they’re under stress/very busy show it, and become different people. They become on edge, agitated, serious, and just most of the time not people who are fun to be around because business is all thats on their mind, except Job, and this is one of the many qualities that i really do idolize about him. Even though some days he gets up, and out of his house by 5:45 A.

M., and doesn’t get home till 8 P.M. he still finds time to be the funny, crazy, and just all around enjoyable person to be with. He doesn’t let his work weigh him down and make him a boring, aggravated person, but comes home, and immediately play with his children as long as he can rolling around on the floor with them, making them laugh, and just having a good time, and also just bringing a positive energy to his house or any room he enters for that matter. Another trait i really admire about him is the way he’s so successful and responsible, yet can be so goofy, and childish in a good way, and makes even some of the most boring activities fun.

In general Job brings a positive fun attitude to anything he does with whoever whether he’s under stress, tired from a long days work, or just has a lot on his mind. In conclusion when i think of my hero or role model thats close to me, one of the people that come to mind is my brother-in-law Jobe. He’s definitely a person i admire, and look up to for many reasons. For starters, he’s always been a sort of father figure to me, and someone i knew i could turn to for help because he’s cared about me and been in my life since i was 4. Second, Job has come so far from when he was younger, turning his life around and making himself into a successful business own, caring father, good husband, and great guy with a bright future.

Lastly, despite of the stress of owning his own business and house and family at a really young age, he can still be his funny, fun to be with self. Anyone who knows Job, knows the energy, and excitement he brings to everything he does. Now as you can see this is why my brother-in-law Jobe is one of my hero’s/role model’s.