Up-Bringing of Obesitiy in America

Obesity has affected Americans by a lot. There are so many things that suck America as a whole into being obese. Obesity can be caused by a number of things, one of them are it can be caused by not enough activity. But in my family at least of my internal and external family around 30% of them are overnight. Obesity is usually caused by to much fast food, in the year 1970 Americans spent about 6 billion dollars on fast food.

Now in 2000’s Americans spend more than 110 billion dollars on fast food. Americans spend more money on fast food then they do towards higher education. Lastly, fast food establishments are one mile apart from each other. Americans see all these fast food places and the more you see the establishments, the more you think of all the delicious food. Even though fast food is fast and easy to purchase and supply yourself with. When people could be getting a nice delicious but, good and wholesome meal from fazzoli’s lets say.

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After all how many people can say they haven’t eaten candy, ate fast food, or had a soda, not many. So let’s all together stop the up-bringing of obesity.