What types of technology could big retailers use to prevent identity thieves from purchasing merchandise? The utilization of Smart Firewalls, Encryption (database and internet traffic) and PC Compliance. The Payment Card industry released guidelines that all businesses must follow in order to conduct transactions online. These guidelines are for the protection of the customer and the company. If caught out of compliance, companies can face up to $200,000 fines per instance. 2. What can organizations do to protect themselves from hackers looking to steal account data?

Strengthening passwords and educating the users of the systems are the largest factors that can be put into place to protect account data other than encryption of the data in the database using high encryption algorithms and use of SSL to transmit data over the company’s network and the Internet.

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Monitoring computer logs Is another step that can be taken to prevent the theft of account data along with encrypting files sent through email. 3. Authorities frequently tap online service providers to track down hackers.

Do you think it is ethical for authorities to tap an online service provider and read people’s email? Why or why not? My answer Is both Yes and No. Yes I believe that the Authorities should have the power to protect the people using the laws that were created for these situations, like the Patriot Act, however, I believe that they should have to show probable cause when conducting these types of requests before they are allowed to retrieve the information from the Sips on specific people and transactions.


Do you think It was ethical for authorities to use one of the high-ranking officials to trap other gang members? Why or why not? Yes, the people involved knew what they were doing was illegal, the high ranking individual that was caught and turned on the group was probably classified as a Confidential Informant (C’) by Law Enforcement which would allow them to use the CLC to setup the other members. 5. In a team, research the Internet and find the best ways to protect yourself from identity theft. Identity theft is one of the most common crimes in today’s technological world.

Some things that people can do to help protect themselves from identity theft are: sites.

B. Invest in an Antivirus, and Mallard detection software such as Symantec Antivirus and Enamelware’s Anti-Mallard. C. Shred documents that you are throwing away that contain personal information such as social security numbers. D.

Never store passwords in your internet browser. If you need to store these passwords, utilize and online service that encrypts the data such as Last Pass. The questions at the end of Closing Case One on up. 92-193. Submit your answers in a Word file for grading. 1.

Why do you think UPS is embracing sustainable technologies? Consumers expect to be served quickly, accurately, efficiently, and at reasonably low costs. Whether it is a business using UPS to ship merchandise to customers, or jugular people sending packages to friends and family, they expect this same treatment. Time, money, energy, and labor are all reduced when sustainable technology is implemented. 2. How is UPS developing a sustainable MIS infrastructure?

A sustainable MIS infrastructure identifies ways that a company can grow in terms of computing resources while becoming less and less dependent on hardware and energy consumption.

UPS is developing a sustainable MIS infrastructure by using grid computing, UPS uses grid computing to produce invoices and billing statements. Instead of one computer doing all the work, the task is spread out among many computers saving time, energy, and money. Another way UPS is developing a sustainable MIS infrastructure is by using cloud computing. 3.

What business benefits will UPS gain from fertilization? Fertilization increases the availability of applications that can give a higher level of performance depending on the hardware used, the energy efficiency by requiring less hardware to run multiple systems or applications, and the hardware usability by running multiple operating systems on a single computer.

By using fertilization, computers can run multiple operating systems, along with multiple software applications, on a single computing device which saves on costs and energy. 4.

What role does each characteristics of an agile MIS infrastructure play in helping UPS to operate its business? – Accessibility: There are varying levels (employee positions) within a company that position level determines the amount of access an employee has. For example, an administrator has complete access to the entire company system. – Availability: The company system is operational during different time frames. If the UPS system has High Availability, it means the system is continuously operational at all times.

– Maintainability: refers to how quickly a system can transform to support environmental changes.

UPS will have to keep up-to-date with all design and building systems, and must have a system that can adapt to and support all changes that occur. – Portability: the UPS system is available to operate on different devices and software platforms, such as different computer operating systems and different mobile devices – Reliability: ensures a system is functioning correctly and providing accurate information. If the UPS system does not have correct information, they will not be considered reliable and not many people would trust their business. Scalability: how well a system can adapt to the increased demands of growth.

UPS is a popular shipping business with a large customer base. According to ups. Com, it has a daily customer count of 8. 8 million. If its system cannot keep track of that many orders and deliveries, they will lose business. – Usability: the degree to which a system is easy to learn, efficient, and satisfying to use.

It is important that a business system is user friendly. If it is complicated, infusing, or time consuming customers are not going to want to use it and will go to the competition instead. 5.

How could UPS benefit from cloud or grid computing? Cloud computing will propagate greater customer satisfaction. All a customer needs is a device to access the cloud and their account password.

No hard drives, software, or processing power. They can be anywhere in the world and as long as they have Internet connection, they can access the cloud. Each individual account within the company cloud is personalized. Grid computing: Instead of one computer using all of its energy to solve one robber, many different computers are used to take a piece of the problem and work on coming up with a solution.

This will save UPS in costs, energy and time.

6. What types of ethical issues might UPS encounter with the tracking technology it has placed in its trucks? UPS placed tracking technology devices in its trucks to track and collect information regarding how much fuel is used, what routes are used, and the amount of time the tracking systems were to be hacked, the hackers would be able to know when and where to hijack a shipment and know what is on the truck before they conduct the jacking. 7.

What types of security issues might UPS encounter with the tracking technology it has placed in its trucks? UPS is equipping its vehicles with sensors that allow it to collect data about things such as fuel consumptions, chosen routes, and how much time its engines spend idling. Customer information is stored in the UPS data system for future use.

The UPS database could be hacked into and all customer information could be accessed by an outsider and used for their own personal gain, or an unauthorized employee could gain access to customer information and do the same.