V for Vendetta Persuasive

Dear Literary Board of Directors, I am writing this letter to suggest that V for Vendetta by Alan Moore be added to the Literary Canon. Although this book is a graphic novel which may turn many people off to reading the book it has many reasons to be added to the literary canon. It’s timeless theme/themes, it’s thought provoking style, and its relatability and inclusiveness are just a few reasons this book should be recognized. This book has caught the attention of many, enough so to turn it into a movie. The first reason I believe V for Vendetta should be included in the literary canon is its timeless themes within the book. The main theme is “people vs.

government” which is something that has been questioned by society since we had a “government”. It’s important for a book to have a timeless theme. Many classic books have themes which can transcend generations. With V for Vendetta’s timeless theme, it makes this book suitable for many generations to come. The second reason I believe this book should be added to the literary canon is because of its ability to provoke thoughts. A good book will make you question life or society.

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For example, V says, “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” This has been a hot topic in society considering people have always questioned the government’s power. Included in this book are other minor themes including bigotry and the power of symbols which also leave you thinking. Without a book’s ability to provoke thought, the book would be boring. The final reason is because of V for Vendetta’s relatability and inclusiveness.

Along with the theme, it is also important for the theme to be relatable. The theme in this book is inclusive to all people and relatable considering all people are controlled by government. This book describes human life and some of the struggles within it which is why I think it’s so relatable. People like to read books that will make them feel like they’re not alone. This book gives you a sense of normalcy due to inclusiveness. A book that targets a vulnerable audience with its theme is bound to do better.

As you can see, V for Vendetta is deserving of the literary canon because of its timeless theme, its ability to provoke thought, and its ability to reach a large audience. I hope that you will consider this choice for the literary canon. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Zoe E.