Vain Obessions

think it is safe to say that most teenage girls in America read glossy magazines featuring love advice, fashion and hair and makeup tips. These magazines are targeted to not just teenagers, but also young girls. Magazines like Girls Life and J-14 glorify celebrities, market make-up and clothing and are packed with materialistic ideals. These ideals are of course reflected in the values of teenage girls.

The rest of the media doesn’t help either. On TV all teenage girl characters seem to be vain, catty and self-obsessed. Why is it that we never see any girls that are nerdy, smart or sophisticated (at least that aren’t being bashed in some way)? It’s because the media glorifies women being into their looks. It’s supposed to be the most important thing for them. It defines femininity and if you aren’t spending hours on your hairstyle and picking out the right shade of blush then something must be seriously wrong with you.

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You arnt a woman; at least not a good one. Why is it that we buy into this bull? That we accept this, as women?! Why do we allow ourselves to be so taken in by what the media tells us we should be? What ever happened to women’s lib or being independent or thinking for ourselves? We need to demand change, write in protest to TV networks, not listen to trashy music and throw our glossy fashion magazines where they belong; in the garbage.