Values and Norms of Saudi Arabia

The general values and norms of Saudi Arabia put it on a relatively higher scale of power distance, uncertainty avoidance and masculinity dimensions of the Hofstede’s five Cultural Dimensions model. However, Saudi Arabia has low scores on individualism dimension but has nothing to show for Long-Term Orientation dimension (Hofstede, 2011).

The trend shows that almost every Saudi has accepted their positions in the society. The subordinates have humbled themselves and therefore expect to be told what to do by their superiors. Decisions made by the superiors are final and remain unquestionable and are believed to be right. This is the result of Islamic teaching of the importance of loyalty and showing respect to older and senior members of the society. Saudi Arabia is a collectivistic socety where members are interdependent, especially among family members.

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According to Hofstede, the Saudis remain in groups that take care of them in exchange for loyalty which over-rides most of societal rules and regulations. Every member is expected to take responsibility for fellow members in their group (Hofstede, 2011). The sense of collective responsibility is too strong that even an individual’s offence is seen as a shame to the whole society. Saudi Arabia is majorly a masculine state where success is defined in measurable achievements. Competition is encouraged and emphasis is put on equity and performance rather than on quality of life.

The Islamic faith of the Saudis has given them an easier way of dealing with the uncertainty of the future. The fatalism concept makes it easier to surrender everything about the future to fate and to the will of God. It is a normal believe in Saudi Arabia that everything will happen according to the will of God, no matter what man does. The strong inclination to Islamic religion has made the country very reluctant and conservative about other cultures and ways of life that are contrary to Koran’s teachings.Saudi Arabia is an opportunity-rich country where every global-minded corporation should wish to exploit. Given its Islamic background, every manager and any foreigner should have an open mind to interact freely, but at the same time conservatively, never to dishonor Islamic religion.

Women should be ready to endure the lowly positions they are given in the society and be conservative, especially in their dressings and interaction with men. Most important is building working relationships and social networks to facility smooth life and successful businesses.