Video Case Study Questions

Nettling is a company that has virtually made an enormous impact of American’s lives, when it comes to renting movies and watching them respectively. Through innovations and ever-changing technological advancements Nettling has delivered DVD’s across the world, at a rate that remains at a steady pace. Easiness for Nettling provides consumers with superior service, and has sped up the movie renting process all around. The power that this service gives to its customers makes for an undoubted success rate. The service of Nettling occurs mostly as a mail livery service.

The way that makes Nettling different from typical movie rentals, is the convenience of being able to pay a subscription rate, and receive as many movies ‘IA the mail, as you may want, as well as keep these movies as long as you would like. This takes away the late fees all together, and makes for a much more convenient viewing experience for the consumers. Nettling provides more than two hundred thousand movie titles available for mail delivery, as well as on numerous devices alike. The typical process of Nettling ordering and streaming, usually begins with their inline website.

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From there, members who subscribe can browse through the gallery of movie titles, and place the titles they choose into their queue.

The queue is basically like a library, which is personalized by the member, and it gives Nettling the ability to give members suggestions based on the movie titles that are in their queue and also titles that the consumer has given ratings to, after watching. The mail delivery system is much less of a hassle than having to go out to the movie store, “here the majority of the time, the service is poor quality, and your given a specific erred of time in which the rental must be returned.

If in fact, your return is late, you acquire late fees and are penalized each day for not having the return done in the given period of time. The possibility that the title in which you want to rent from the local rental store, is in stock, is also very scarce due to the fact that those stores typically have one or two copies of the title, and chances are if the title is a new release the probability that you are actually going to get it, too, drops even lower. That’s where Nettling comes in handy, however, because the library of titles in which ‘o’er given the option to choose from stretches far longer than simply one or two copies.

Nettling has created an empire that gives consumers the convenience of overnight delivery.

This is made possible through handling materials located within the distribution centers of the company. The factor that plays an eminent role in this process is speed. This is made possible through machinery and smart technological innovations that have codes called Pup’s on each disc, envelope stuffing, where the disc is put into a sleeve via a machine, and this is all done in a record time.

The automation Dunn in the distribution centers is top to the line, and makes tort a speedy process from the distribution center to your front door. Another important note with the company and their operating standards, the discs are always Inspected. Inspections help maintain quality control and keep the standards high.

If damaged disc is returned, upon inspection, it is quickly removed from the circulation, maintaining again, only the highest quality movie rental, for the consumers. Shipping happens through the United States Postal Service.

Nettling has retrained with the USPS and remains in compliance with all the regulations set forth by them. Actually, “Nettling is the No. 1 growth customer of the United States Postal Service in the first class mail category. ” (Source: Textbook Instructor Resources; Chapter Thirteen Distribution and Pricing: Right Product, Right Person, Right Place, Right Price – Video Case: Nettling) The future of Nettling to me, is very clear.

I believe that Nettling will remain their quality production and delivery services. I also believe that the company will continue to grow and change with the future advancements.

I don’t think that the business will fail, nor plummet due to technology advancing way beyond their expectations. I think that the company has made adaptations thus far. Despite the advances in technology, as of course they are always constantly moving and growing, there will always be a use for a company like Nettling. People may be able to download music off of the internet and stream music feeds online, but with movies, I think that we will always have some form of rental whether it be streaming, or mail delivery, or any other way in which we choose.

The entertainment factor for s, still will remain.

Nettling has made a point to give the consumers, the ability to go anywhere, and still receive the service and subscription, and still maintain the quality that they’ve promised. Nettling offers streaming, from various devices, including Oxbow 360, ASS, Rook, pad, laptops, desktops, etc. That I don’t think is going to “go out of style,” per say, because although technology grows quickly, the likelihood of technology wiping out television and movies and movie rentals, is quite unattainable. Chapter 13. BUSS 6; Kelly McGowan) (Video Case Study – course mate video/case study notes)