Visa Europe territory

Is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, financial Institutions, and governments In more than 200 countries and territories, enabling them to use electronic payments instead of cash and checks. Our business primarily consists of the following: We provide processing services to our financial institution clients through Visitant, a centralized and modular payments network providing three essential functions in one complete, flexible package: transaction processing services, risk management services and Information services.

We continually look at how we can use our network breadth and payment expertise to extend the value of electronic payments so that more people can use Visa in more ways and in more places around the world.

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We offer a diverse range of branded payment products, which our financial institution clients use to offer credit, debit, prepaid, and cash-access programs to their customers Individuals, businesses and government entitles). We own and manage the Visa brand, which provides the assurance of acceptance at tens of millions of merchants and 2. 0 million Atoms in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Visa does not issue cards, extend credit or set rates and fees for consumers. Consumer relationships belong to our network of financial Institution clients and are managed by them.

Visa Inc. Derives revenue primarily from fees paid by our financial institution clients based on payments volume, transactions that we process and other related services we provide. Visa’s innovations enable its financial institution clients to offer consumers more choices: pay ahead of time with prepaid, pay now with debit or later with credit products. Data as of March, 2013.

As reported by client financial institutions and therefore may e subject to change; includes Atoms in the Visa Europe territory.

Statistical Overview Visa Inc. Is the world’s largest retail electronic payments network, with US$6. 7 trillion VISA INC. OPERATES THE WORLD’S LARGEST RETAIL ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS NETWORK* 14,700 Financial institution clients 2. 1 billion Visa cards (As of March 31, 2013) US$6. 7 trillion Total volume** US$4.

2 trillion Payments volume 2. 0 million (AS of March 31, 2013) 85 billion Total transactions**** Figures are rounded, exclude Visa Europe and are as of June 30, 2013 unless otherwise noted.

Figures from SQ operational performance data except number of uncial institutions and Atoms. * Based on payments volume, total volume, number of transactions and number of cards in circulation. ** Includes payments and cash transactions.

*** As reported by client financial institutions and therefore may be subject to change; includes Atoms in the Visa Europe territory. **** Includes payments and cash Visa Inc. Business Overview Network Visitant is our information processing network, facilitating the transfer of value and information among our financial institution clients, consumers, merchants, businesses, and governments.

For more than 30 years, Visitant has provided an essential platform for Visa innovations and services. Today, Visitant’s centralized, integrated architecture enables Visa to provide our clients with secure, reliable and scalable processing (authorization, clearing and settlement) and value-added services.

Visitant’s key attributes include: 2 Scale ?Visitant processes an average of 1 50 million payment and cash disbursement authorization and settlement transactions each day.

Based on rigorous testing, we estimate that Visitant is capable of processing more than 30,000 transaction messages per second. 2 Reliability ? Visitant operates multiple processing centers around the globe. These enters are fully synchronized and operate identical authorization platforms. This enables Visa to shift transaction volume from one data center to another if needed.

Combined, these advances help to ensure that the Visitant system is available and has enough processing power to meet the growing demand for electronic payments.

Security ? Because of Visitant’s centralized architecture, Visa is able to “see” every Visa transaction that flows through the network. This enables Visa to risk-score transactions in real-time with services such as Advanced Authorization, potentially stopping fraud at the most important point ? before it happens. Value-Added Services ? Visa also offers a broad range of value-added services such as enhanced risk management, dispute processing, loyalty programs, alerts, offers, and other information-based services, which are enabled by a centralized global processing platform.

Visa Alerts for example, use Visitant’s centralized processing capabilities to deliver near real-time notification directly to the accountable via SMS text message or email.

Alerts are triggered when the transaction meets certain criteria the accountable has selected. The service lets consumers monitor their accounts for unusual activity and take immediate action if they believe a potentially fraudulent transaction is taking place. Based on testing conducted in August 2011 with MM.

Core Products Visa provides consumers, businesses, financial institutions, and governments with access to the world’s largest retail electronic payments network through a range of Visa-branded products and services that deliver choice, convenience and security. Credit ? Visa offers our financial institution clients a broad range of credit platforms that can be tailored to meet the needs of virtually all demographic segments around he world ? from those consumers new to credit to affluent consumers to large corporations. Visa’s credit platforms are accompanied by value-added services that can enhance consumers’ loyalty and usage.

These include tailored rewards, emergency card replacement, travel assistance, and rental car insurance. Individual demographic segments and geographies. Visa debit products allow consumers to pay electronically by using available funds and deliver advantages over cash and checks in terms of convenience, security and flexibility. Visa offers four branded debit marks: Visa, Visa Electron, Interlink, and PLUS@. Prepaid ? Visa’s prepaid platform enables our clients to offer a range of products accessing a designated pool of funds.

Visa prepaid products include releasable general purpose cards, gift cards, payroll cards, government disbursement products, employee benefit/healthcare cards, travel cards, and other products that can help extend the benefits of electronic payments to processes that have traditionally been paper-based.

By using Visa prepaid cards instead of checks for disbursements, businesses and government agencies can lower costs and increase operational efficiencies while providing consumers with more convenient and secure access to ends.

Prepaid cards can be a powerful tool for financial inclusion, offering those operating outside the traditional banking system the opportunity to move from an inefficient and costly cash-and-carry lifestyle to a more convenient and secure way to make everyday purchases, pay bills and receive deposits. Commercial ? Visa provides a suite of commercial payment solutions for small businesses, midsized and large corporations and governments. Visa’s commercial platforms include: Small Businesses ? Visa Business credit, Visa Business debit and Visa Business line of credit access cards.

Midsized Businesses, Large Corporations and Governments ? Visa Corporate, Visa Purchasing, Visa Commercial, Visa Meetings, Visa Fleet, Visa Distribution, Visa Intelligent, which is a suite of spend information and compliance management solutions, as well as BIB and supply chain management products and services. In addition to these platforms, Visa has tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of businesses and government agencies of all sizes in individual markets.

Product Innovation Visa is committed to innovation that enables more people in more places to enjoy the infinite of electronic payments at any time, in any location, using a multitude of devices. Recent innovations pioneered by Visa include: Mobile Payments and Services ?In developed countries with an established electronic payments infrastructure, expansive Internet usage and broad mobile network penetration, Visa’s strategy is to enhance the consumer purchase experience by making mobile payments and services broadly available across many different handsets and operating systems.

In developing countries, mobile technology is a significant driver of financial inclusion. It enables Visa and our partners in the mobile ND financial services industry to give unbaked consumers access to formal financial services, usually for the first time in their lives. Information Products ? Visa’s real-time messaging platform is designed to improve the consumer shopping experience while delivering more value to merchants and financial institutions.

Visa works directly with retailers or through third-party platform providers to deliver offers and rewards directly to mobile devices based on purchases made with enrolled Visa accounts.

Digital Money Transfer and Personal Payments ? Today, Visa’s global processing outwork is supporting a new breed of services that enables the transfer of funds directly to a Visa account. Beyond making payments at millions of retailers worldwide, Visa accountableness can now receive funds from nearly anywhere in the world. Commerce ? More consumers choose Visa credit, debit or prepaid products to make online purchases than any other payment method.

As the leading payment choice for Commerce, Visa introduced V. Me by Visa to streamline the Commerce experience and build on the trust consumers have using Visa to pay for goods and services online. V.

Me by Visa ? V. E by Visa is Visa’s digital wallet service that aims to take the friction out of payments, online and eventually wherever consumers shop ? at the point of sale or on their mobile device, using Visa and other payment card accounts. Designed to support the evolving ways and places people are transacting, V. E will also provide features beyond payments such as transaction alerts and the ability to receive personalized offers triggered in near-real-time. Chip Technology ? Visa uses MOVE chip technology to combat counterfeit fraud around the world.

This technology greatly reduces a criminal’s ability to use stolen moment card data by introducing dynamic values for each transaction. Migration to chip provides an additional security layer and is a critical step in Visa’s comprehensive global strategy to use dynamic authentication across all markets and all channels.

Security Visa understands that we must protect each link within our control and work with others to preserve the trust in every Visa payment. To that end, Visa employs multiple layers of security. These layers work together to help prevent, detect and neutralize fraud. Visa’s efforts have helped to keep fraud rates at historic lows, enabling orderlies to use Visa with confidence.

Visa’s security strategy focuses on: 0 Monitoring, identifying and preventing fraud through technology and best practices. Managing the impact of fraud by helping issuers and acquirers recover from its effects. 0 Maintaining trust in Visa payments through merchant, financial institution and consumer education. 0 Creating an environment of partnership by promoting industry engagement and accountability around security. Global Brand The Visa brand transcends language, cultures and geography under a common payment mark that we believe symbolizes convenience, flexibility and security to undress of millions of consumers across the world.

To support and enhance the brand, Visa has exclusive partnerships with a stable of world-class sports properties, including F©d©ration International De Football Association (FIFE) and the International Olympic Committee.