Was Christopher Columbus Pirate or Hero?

There has long been a disagreement about whether Christopher Columbus was a pirate or hero.

This was written to tell the he was a pirate finding things that could benefit his homeland of Spain but instead keeping it for himself. He tried claiming the island as the property of Spain while herding the native people like cattle into pens and executing any residents who resisted. He tried not using force and weapons but the natives were already preparing for war so they had no choice. He tried to capture the island without any means of excessive force but he was a greedy man keeping all his stolen items and finds that he and his crew picked up to himself and not being generous to keep the natives unharmed. People still are still disputing whether Christopher even discovered America.

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Both sides know he discovered something whether it was America or the island of Cuba. He was said to land on Paria Peninsula in present-day Venezuela where one of his crew members spotted land and prepared to go ashore. Christopher Columbus still thought he landed on an island off the coast of Asia and is still disputed whether he ever found out that he was never remotely close to the continent of Asia. “After three voyages to America and more than a decade of study, Columbus still believed that Cuba was part of the continent of Asia, South America was only an island, and the coast of Central America is close to the Ganges River.” pg 1 Examining the reputation of Christopher Columbus. It is hotly contested whether Christopher Columbus used force to claim the island that he discovered.

There is still debate whether he even discovered anything at all because the island he “discovered” was already inhabited. His first voyage was good until he came across some natives that were armed to the teeth with spears, bows, and pure manpower. “On the T.V. cable channel “History” there is a documentary about Columbus that is frequently broadcast.

It portrays Columbus and his knights as violent racists who after arriving in the Americas set up an “Indian” slave camp where he enslaved “Indians” were sent from camp were sent out from camp to get gold and then bring it back to them.” page 1 Colonial Pirate Christopher Columbus. The reason his story is still told to this day is because the riches he found behind the natives in their homes and temples. He kept most of the jewels, gold, pearls, spices, and silk that he came across and dispersed the rest amongst the crew and the king and queen of Spain to repay some money they paid for him to set sail. Was Christopher Columbus a Champion or Counterfeit? The same question has been asked for many years and had many responses.

One side would be that he was a nobleman only doing good deeds and another saying he was a pirate raiding ships and taking hostages while having his crew members loot the cargo holds and leaving. h He only helped when help was needed and never chose to help, he was forced to help his crew and one of his many wives. Christopher Columbus only helped when his life, his money or his job was on the line in order to keep his noble reputation going. People described his first voyage as a cultural encounter. ” This event we celebrate each year on Columbus Day.

” pg 3 Examining the reputation of Christopher Columbus. At times Christopher Columbus showed that he was a good man exploring for the good of his country trying to be generous whenever he could, but greed took over whenever he saw money, gold or heaps of valuable materials and took most of the treasure as his own and giving the rest away unwillingly to the royals and to his crew expecting payment.” The Royals paid a great deal of money for his journey.” pg 2 Christopher Columbus timeline. When he tried to be a chivalrous explorer, only taking or killing what he needed; greed stepped in and started taking without asking.

He owned too much when he passed and it all went to his sons, Ferdinand and Diego Columbus. Both grew up to become successful, generous people that kindly gave to charity. Christopher Columbus was a man of his word always trying to pay his debts and fulfill the promises he has made but failed on too many of them and were very costly. The four voyages that Christopher Columbus set out on were very expensive and very time-consuming, easily slipping through the royals grasp whenever they required his payment. He tried to be a good person but failed, over and over again.