Christopher Columbus: Did He Really Discover America?

Everybody know’s Christopher Columbus being the person that discovered America. Unfortunately there is a lot of history behind it.Christopher Columbus was a very confusing man. He told people that he discovered america, which is not entirely true.

He was mean to certain people, and nice to others.Which is confusing. He would make things up that were not true. That’s why he’s confusing. Christopher Columbus did help people, but he did not all at the same time. It is true, if it was not for Christopher Columbus we would not be here.

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However, he did not really discover America, but he let everyone know about America. He was mean to the Taino Indians. He always thinks bad things about them. He expresses that out on all of them , even though they haven’t done anything bad to him, he just decides to be mean. Research shows that him and his henchmen killed, tortured, exploited, raped and enslaved thousands of Taino Indians.

Furthermore, he did not just kill, torture, and rape thousands of Taino Indians. Research shows that he seized 1,200 Indians. He started out by capturing them and then torturing them. Some people that he captured were never found, and their bodies were never recovered. Christopher Columbus Columbus would take them, do mean things to them, and then hide them.

He would want to come back but he would forget about them, and leave them for dead. Furthermore, he would send dogs out, to hunt and kill the Indians. Christopher Columbus and his henchman would also send horses, and they would follow behind the horses with swords and try to the Indians, for really no reason, but it was considered a ” fase.”He would do this very often. He would not try to kill them, he would do the same thing he would always do, leave them for dead. Or just let the dogs and horses go crazy.

They would do it themselves. Some people might say that Christopher Columbus discovered. Research shows that when he entered america, there were already people living there. So he came when America was already discovered. At that time, nobody had known that people already lived in the America.

So he made sure that everyone kne that he discovered America. So he was a liar, and a very mean person. In conclusion, Christopher Columbus was a very mean person, so certain races, but if it was not for him, we would not be here today. So he is a very important person, but people should know him as a liar. Now people just know Christopher Columbus as the person who discovered america. If someone were to come up to another person and say “Christopher Columbus” we would think right away, ” the person that discovered America.” So we should all remember that he lied about most of the things we all know today.