We all scream for ice cream!

Crisp, coffee-colored, plaid and symmetrical is how I imagine the human mind to be at an adolescent age. Lacking experience, yet, craving it.

The perimeter is limited and confined. The creators do everything and anything to mold it to perfection; worried customers will come with complaints or be offended. This cone becomes a base that every individual shares. It is how we communicate and relate to one another. The contents begin where the cone ends. It is an amalgamation of flavors, colors, and amounts, with endless combinations.

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But then you come across an unfamiliar flavor, incomparable, yet, utterly enjoyable. Small doses are taken to preserve the taste and curiosity rises exponentially as you continue the dessert. It is an original: exactly what I strive to be. Just like the contents of a cone, education, knowledge, and purpose is what fills our minds. An individual, whether they choose to accept it or not, is solely based on what they have to offer.

In a more universal thought, what people have to offer to the world becomes their “mission” or “purpose”. So as I see it, molding is a waste of time, because every individual has a distinct calling. What I want from a university is everything except a formal education; I want to slowly seep out of everything that is a mold or cone. I want to go beyond the confines of all institutions and paradigms and come out victorious. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a sweet mess?