“Life is what we do and not what we are” – the above statement is quite true for everyone.

This quote means that it is not position that matters, rather it’s the action which matters the most. Life is something which we make out of. And this is the real art of living. Life is composed of great difficulties. There are many ups and downs in our life , but that doesn’t mean we would simply quit. If life gives sadness, it gives happiness too.

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It only depends upon how the people see through it. Some see the darker side of life, always having a negative thinking in their ind, whereas some others see their life through an optimistic view. And it is rightly said, “Sweet are the uses of adversity”. Our adverse situations and experiences teach us to hold on and move forward in life. Experience is the best teacher for everyone. It’s the sense of determination and responsibility that matters the most.

There is a vast difference between what we are and what we do. A person who doesn’t quit during poor circumstances is the person who wins. We should put our chin up even in great difficulties of our life. Because a person who has not tasted pains, will never know the sweetness of hardwork. We should not sit sulking in a corner when we fail. We all have been gifted with such a beautiful life by the Almighty, so we should respect His creations.

We should life our life to the fullest. We should utilize every minute of our life effectively. “We come alone to this world and go alone from from this world”. We should put such a hallmark in our life that our names will be imprinted in everyones mind and ours deeds be engraved in everyones heart. Infact our death should be a mark for the beginning of everyones life. The beauty of our deeds should not be eclipsed from the minds of people.

So we are known by what we do and not what we are. This is indeed the real art of living.