Writing is Importnant

We always hear the same question at school, “why do we need to know this?” These students need to realize that school is for learning and preparing us for the real world. Everything we learn in class can affect how we take in life. Complaining will not get you anywhere. Learning to write, I think is the most important thing in school for me. Later on in life, we will use writing all our lives. Writing is very common in life but it all depends on your career.

Many writers lack a firm grasp that will expand their paper. If this happens, your boos will not be satisfied. For instance, I want to be a journalist for my career. What I need to do is learn how to create an eminent paper with opulent vocabulary. Writing has taught me that and it could also teach you. Vocabulary is extremely important in a paper.

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Not just because you need to have good spelling but because expanding your vocab can enhance your writing. The more you know high class words, your paper will look more urbane. If you learn bigger words you can also use them while you talk which will make you sound intelligent. There are millions of words out there that you can portray to your writing. A good way to start is to find some new words and write them down to memorize them. You’ll be surprised how you writing will improve.

Writing is one of the most beautiful things we as humans can do. We make books and use our imagination to the fullest. We become ambitious, just like those great authors that creates amazing books. Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games, are all living proof of how writing is unbelievably amazing. All these books became famous, as well as the author, which all came from one person who went to school to learn how to write.

The best part s that anybody can become a great writer if you stay committed. It’s no talent people are born with. You learn through school. So next time you complain about the things we learn, think about those great achievers that used that learning experience in school. They are now accomplishers and so can you be if you really set your mind to it.