Essay on What Character from a Book Do I Admire?

There are many great characters in books or movies that people admire or desire to be.One of these characters that I admire is Mark Anthony from the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare.Many great characteristics and traits like being a loyal friend and an extraordinary public speaker makes Mark Anthony a character I admire.

Mark Anthony throughout the play Julius Caesar is shown to be an extremely loyal friend. This is shown by his many interactions with Caesar at the beginning of the play.Anthony’s loyalty is also shown after Caesar is assassinated.Mark Anthony following this is able to muster the courage to avenge his friend and take down the conspirators who murdered him. This trait makes me admire Anthony because loyal friends are hard to come by nowadays.Throughout the years I have seen through people who I thought were my friends become vile against me and treat me like garbage.

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Only a select few of people I have kept as friends and I am very thankful for them. Because Anthony is shown to be a true and loyal friend as well as his appeal relates to my life, I admire him. Mark Anthony is also shown to be an admirable public speaker as illustrated in his speech to the plebians.Anthony uses many rhetorical strategies throughout his speech that many current politicians lack.These include repetition, ethos, logos, and pathos. Anthony also delivered his speech to a hostile crowd fired up by what Brutus said before him as well as delivered a speech following his friend’s death.

The fact that Anthony was able to overcome the odds and convinced a crowd as hostile as the plebians as well as keeping his emotions calm following his friend’s death is very admirable.Anthony also appeals to me because I myself am not a good public speaker.Whenever I hear a captivating speech like Anthony’s it motivates me to become a better public speaker which is admirable. Because Mark Anthony is a very loyal person and a phenomenal public speaker I admire him.