What is Creativity?

So I have been in school for many years and as long as I can remember, I have always put in an art class some how. Now of course, when you think of art, you think of creative freedom or the ability to express yourself, so on and so forth. But then you look at what our art classes actually are.

We aren’t being taught to set our minds free. We are being shown how to obey the rules of art. One of the very few things where there are no rules and yet you must teach to use that we will forever have rules, even in our artwork. I’ve always been an artsy type of person. I constantly had drawings on my arms or a piece of paper in front of me. As the years grew on, I limited myself more, set more restrictions.

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I even denied some ideas that I had because I believed that I couldn’t do it simply because I did not know how to properly use the way that I was taught. Because of this, I have had so many things that I absolutely loved the idea of yet refrained myself from doing anything about it because I didn’t want to look silly. These restrictions and “proper” ways of doing the things that we love make us feel obligated to fix and adjust until someone older than us can judge it instead of letting ourselves be free to judge our own art. Why do other people need to tell us what is right and what is wrong? Why do we refuse to be our own person and decide for ourselves what we think is the correct way to do things? Create your own life instead of living in the shadows for fear of the judgemental sun. Step up instead of down. Shout instead of whispering.

Be you! Find you! You are the only you that exists! Don’t rely on your peers to make your opinions! Live to your glorious expectations then exceed them for you should not limit yourself nor should schools limit your life.