What is Customer Service?

The topic of customer service quality is always relevant, especially if there is an unstable economic situation in the country. Maintaining the brand and customer handling at the level for today is one of the ways to maintain market positions.

Service as a Key Direction

The organization of the service should follow the basic rules of effective handling. There should be a thoughtful service strategy that meets the needs of individual target groups; skillful advertising of handling advantages; a clear system for the supply of spare parts; a system of rules for promptly calling employees of the service department to the client; the training of personnel with bringing to each performer service standards. Service in marketing is also one of the most powerful tools in increasing competitiveness. Many companies understand this and, depending on the sphere of activity; they use their own quality control options. The absence of the same handling can lead to legal collisions and unpleasant consequences, which undermines the image of the company.

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The Great Client Attendance Solution of Vitamix

Vitamix, the company that creates high-performance blenders, has developed a “transformation concept” that calls for the creation of a new business strategy and IT-base to support rapidly developing areas, including catalogs, as well as online and wholesale trade. The basis of the concept is the desire to establish the process of making purchases. Merchandisers of the company were able to set up a virtual layout of goods on the principle of “raise / lower attention to the goods.” The setting allows displaying certain products at the top of the search results page at the customer’s request or hides them in the bottom block, depending on available stocks, planned stocks and seasonal factors.

Vitamix noted that online sales grew by 30%, and the average check – by 40%. In addition, to attract customers and conduct promotions on the site Vitamix, the procedure for finding recipes in the corresponding section is simplified, and new settings for payment methods are added.

Digital Marketing Forges Ahead

What is Customer ServiceAscena Retail Group promotes the idea of the superiority of digital marketing.

The company noted an increase in revenue by 40% after moving to multi-channel marketing, which allowed customers to purchase goods at any time and in the most convenient way. Email-mailings or promotional products lead buyers to the store, and personalization and trigger marketing encourage them to make purchases repeatedly.

IT Practice at Linkedin

LinkedIn is also a great customer service case study example. It has 230 million members and every second two new users are registered.

Previously, the main priority of the network was the implementation of products; now the company has focused on improving the quality of interaction with participants. The disparity of data previously limited the ability of LinkedIn to collect, analyze and develop requests for support, and it was also difficult to provide feedback. Using Oracle Service Cloud allowed LinkedIn to solve this problem. In order to increase user satisfaction and build long-term interaction, LinkedIn identified four key areas to achieve global success in support issues: prevention, anticipation, competence, and efficiency. LinkedIn has created a global team to work with customers. It reduced initial response time to customer requests by 85%, and the average time to take a decision by 68%, resulting in an increase in overall customer satisfaction by 23%.

StepStone Example to Follow

StepStone is one of the most successful job portals. It reduced the time of working off commercial requests from two days to 20 minutes, increased sales and quality of customer handling through cloud software to prepare commercial offers. Now StepStone can customize the products on demand, quickly create detailed packages for candidate selection in combination with promotions and discounts, and also bring products to the global level through StepStone or through specially selected partner sites.

Main Types of Client Attendance

Case study customer service proves that customer service should be on the list of key corporate priorities. The results of the companies that made this step are impressive.

There are four types of service marketing of relationships.

  • The first type is the main one, and it consists only of the resolution of the sale of the goods.
  • The second one is a respondent. Sellers offer consumers to call and ask any questions that arise during the exploitation of products.
  • The third one is responsible. Vendors soon after the sale themselves call customers and ask for their impressions, complaints, and suggestions.

  • The last one is active. Sellers call from time to time to consumers with suggestions for improving their existing products, as well as buying new ones.

Customer service also may include pre-sale service. It provides the elimination of problems caused by the transportation of products; bringing products into working order; testing the product in operation; the creation of an information service in a company that is convenient for customers. After-sales service means delivery of the purchase to the home of the buyer or to his company and installation.;