Fulfillment center Customer service

Free returns (365 day return guarantee) Fulfillment center Customer service Employee training Nortek retention process (ensures commitment) Interactive customer community Complete and efficient website 2. Please complete the following table. Identify the key information systems and the related IT infrastructure investments that enable Capos’ core business processes: Core Business Process Information Systems IT Infrastructure sales/order processing transaction processing system Inventory management system Commerce processing system online, commerce Platform supplier extranet order fulfillment and distribution

Product delivery information system Morehouse distribution management system Customer procurement System Online, commerce platform Inventory Management data servers Morehouse info data servers Distribution system servers supply chain management logistics and warehousing Morehouse management system Morehouse procurement system (from suppliers) Supply chain data servers Inventory management servers Supplier extranet customer servicing Customer relationship management system Customer return processing system Customer issues management system N.B. content data servers Online, commerce platforms

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Customer Information systems human resources management Employee information system Staff training and development system Nortek Retention information system Employee information servers Local Area Network (wired, wireless) financial management Payment information system Credit/debit information system Banking information system Node area Network Bank accounts information data N.B.

content management system Infinite management system Social network management system commerce platform Online 3. In what ways does the design to Capos’ Web site and related services support its business objectives? Sit] Helps people connect at a more personal level Creates online interactive customer community Efficient for online sales Contributes towards customer satisfaction regarding the product and service Displays wide product mix Displays product prices Provides customer feedback/review Helps build up on customer focus Easy to use Interactive picture media Provides online customer service Helps connect with customers Guarantees a perfect selection for customer Provides measurement guides and product indexes Allows access to additional Zappy websites 4. Why did it make sense for Amazon to acquire Capos?

What expertise in terms of information management and the use of IT did Amazon bring to the game that might improve Capos’ commerce competitiveness? [lists] It made sense because at the time, Amazon was running the same type of business, Just that on a much larger scale. There existed the possibility that Capos would turn into a giant commerce business and be competition for Amazon.

With a growing business like Zappy, they themselves could have expanded with new products Just like Amazon, making it an even tougher competition. Amazon benefited by: Expanding its commerce business

Strengthening their shoe and clothing product inventory Eliminating same industry competition, and most probably, tougher future competition Acquiring a new customer network Acquisition of an flourishing and thriving business Faster expansion Expertise and use of IT: Existing customer base arriving business Ender variety of products Additional inventory product mix Business expansion in the same industry Extra staff with knowledge on the industry business Contributed to overcoming limitations of stock Valuable experience in the area of commerce Fast growing business Increased customer satisfaction