What Lies Within Undiscovered Pages

As I turn through any textbook, I see many bare facts on paper, but what hides beyond the numbers and lines is the mysterious past of people affected by it. The Jewish Holocaust is one of those pages. Undiscovered by many, the maundering voices of millions of victims unheard. During the Holocaust, Nazis killed of innocent citizens for only one reason. A difference of religion that has impacted millions of families with stolen lives, stolen from the hearts of mothers and fathers. The Jewish were being denied the rights to live and were alienated through one evil mastermind.

Now, as I see through the broken, shattered memories of how it was like to be in the Holocaust, I must see the bigger picture. Being inspired by human beings who never gave up hope and persevered through it all. That is the picture of the Holocaust I want to remember-the brave souls of normal people who stood up against a force bigger than no other. In all this terror that lies in the past, I have found a deeper understanding of how to reflect on my thoughts and feelings, I have been able to comprehend all the horrific facts of the Holocaust with a deeper meaning, and become a better team player, leader, and person through the frightening past of the Jewish people. The Holocaust is expressed through pictures, but to bring these pictures to life you need vivid, concrete details. It takes skill to write, but to write with feeling and passion is an accomplishment.

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Through your writing, you want your readers to be engaged and excited with an overwhelming feeling of passion. A compelling example of this technique was used by a young girl by the name of Anne Frank. She made her feelings jump out of her mind and come to life through her diary. Anne wrote all of her feelings down in her diary, and today it is one of the most read books in the world. Seeing, feeling, smelling, and hearing the Holocaust is a lot easier with insightful facts, creating an engaging feeling and truly genuine insight.

Great writing like Anne’s surrounds you with an allusion that you are actually with her. This is why writing from the heart is much more valuable than writing for no reason. I understand how to integrate knowledge through writing with inspiring details and strong, concrete facts as well. While learning about the Holocaust, I can now comprehend it better. Number the Stars really helped me understand this part of history better. It is hard to imagine going through life in hiding as a young girl.

Annemarie and Ellen are braver than I will ever be and it is hard to face the fact that some girls my age had to sped their lives in hiding. Just like Anne, I have some of the same perspectives as her. Living in the time period through Anne was what made me interpret and appreciate the hard times this people went through. These people were not just facts on paper, picture in albums, but real people with complex feelings. Facing fatigue, disease, and hardship the Jewish people living in Hitler’s power were abused physically and mentally. The Holocaust is a very delicate topic that needs to be discussed in a very serious tone to commemorate those who went through the unending pain of life in concentration camps.

Through pictures of fallen bodies that pierce your eyes with fear, primary sources that tell the unbelievable stories, and evidence to honor the fallen I am now aware of the suffering these people went through. Through the pain and suffering of others, society must learn form these ghastly mistakes and apply them for future generations to come I will never know how it truly felt to live your life in hiding or be sent to a concentration camp, but now I can put a deeper meaning into the the Holocaust that altered the world for millions of people. Team projects and activities have also improved my comprehension about the information and facts of the Holocaust better. Team projects challenged me to work with all sorts of unique people with different views and demographics. When everyone comes together in collaboration, the result is always phenomenal. Peers coming together to help one another truly benefit everyone because we can all relate with each other.

Working in a team, has also led me to improve my leadership skills. Learning about such horrific issues about the past can spark painful emotions that no one understands except the people closest to you. Through the Holocaust, I have learned a lot about others and myself. The pain and struggles of other human being have showed me that the world and society has changed for the better. The Holocaust unit was about learning, but also using the insight and bravery of the innocent people in that time period to inspire us. So next time I see plain, hard facts on paper, I will see the hidden images of faces of people hiding in the dark creases of each page.