What strategies and mechanisms might a manager use to maintain a healthy balance

The manager should understand his strengths and weaknesses and know that he has skills and the people who report to them may perform their duties better than they could. A questionnaire is a good mechanism that can help managers where they request employees to give a list of a number of things that they give priority.

The list of thing available might be flexible hours, free drinks, shorter week of work and having a bigger desk. This will help the manager understand that the things that are high on the list may not be very expensive yet are very important in maintaining a healthy balance and make employees very happy and more productive.  (Drucker, 2007 pp17-21).The manager should be able to handle all employees in successful way. There should be good communication among personnel who serve under him. The manager should know the feelings of employees and listen to any issue the employees are concerned about.

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They should not base their things on hearsay but instead they should listen to both sides of the story. He should not pre-judge or make assumptions without discussing the issue with the employees and personnel under him.The manager should motivate employees in order to encourage them work hard. He should give them rewards based on their performance on individual basis and as a team so that every individual effort can make a good contribution towards the overall performance of the team. This makes employees have a feeling of belonging and reduces chances of favors or discrimination where all the employees feel that they get what they deserve depending on the effort put in their work.

(Harbison, 1999 pp31-32).Innovation is very important in maintaining a healthy balance because of changes in technology where modern improved technology improves the quality of products and services to be offered. Customers and consumers prefer high quality products that satisfy their needs and will always purchase products and services that are produced using improved technology. Once a manager is innovative, he will be able to be competitive and satisfy the needs of all the potential customers.Gender parity should be improved by managers where women should be equally represented in the fields that were traditionally dominated by men. Women who have knowledge and experience should be recruited and maintained in areas where they are best talented.

This maintains a healthy balance because both men and women will be represented at work and once they put their combined effort in the duties assigned to them in the organization there will be increased productivity which leads to increased revenue. (Hitt, 1999 pp10-13). REFERENCESHit M. (1999): strategic management: duxburry.com, pp10-13.

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