What Will You Have at the End of Your Life?

In today’s world, people are following the rapid trend of life and tend to forget its value.

Unfortunately, I was one of those people. I used to choose things which are easy for me, and by all means, I have to make them come true. However, that is not what life is about. Thanks to Mr. Hill ( My French Teacher), you have inspired me with your thoughts. It really helps me realize how wonderful this life is and all my stress are all disappear.

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Let’s start from the beginning of the story. I am an international student from Vietnam to America. My parents’ fortune has helped me to attend a boarding school. As a junior, I do not have a lot of time to prepare for my college admission. I have not taken any APs ( which should be taken about 2 or 3 before the junior class), I have not made any accomplishment in my life. There are two of the subjects that I have to struggle the most are AP Calculus and French.

I have no idea of what is Calculus all about, however, I took a risk. Similarly to French, I had a horrible year of studying French in my sophomore year in Vietnam. Honestly, I knew nothing about French. However, I chose French II for my foreign language class. I made a jump from Trig and Algebra Class to AP AB Calculus and from nothing to French II.

The first weeks were terribly enervated me. The Calculus class covered most of the things I have never seen or heardbefore and the teacher went tersely. I got C in my first Calculus test. The French brought back the atmosphere of myold French class, which was terrible. Everyone else knew all the materials and I was the one that asked silly questions. I really wanted to drop.

I told Mr. Hill that I really wanted to drop to French I, and I do not want to risk my GPA as this is an important year. If I were him, I would tell my students to drop them if they could not catch up with.My life would be much more easier, my GPA would be as beautiful as I want it to be. Both of the class, in my opinion, would be very relaxing and I have nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, Mr. Hill told me not to. He believed as long as I struggle for it, I can manage to make it. So, what is the philosophy lesson here, then? First, I believe I have always follow a dogmatic dream and I tend to forget the value of life. I have been so successful so far, I expected my life to turn out as I want it to be.

Once I was knocked down and fell on the way to success, I was shocked and could not get up. As for the people have already experience failing, they get used to it and continue to stand up and keep going. However, I have gathered too much successful in life that I would never imagine of being a failure. I am always sure of myself and believe things would go smoothly as I wish it to be. When it did not come up to my expectations, I felt like it’s the end of the world. Meanwhile, I should have viewed life more optimistic as there are so many wonders that I haven’t discovered.

Sometimes, we have to step back and view life in a broader aspect. In that time, we are much more luckier than other people. That’s the archetype of human beings. They do not treasure what they’ve got till it’s gone. People keep chasing a fictive dream and leave behind all the wonderful things.

Once time flew, regret is just a regret. However, if people just keep regretting, there is no use. Forget about it and enjoy the present day. Second, life is challenging. Challenges makes our life more exciting. I used to wish my life would fill up with successful and victories without trying.

First of all, it never happens. Second, what is the point of living? Mr. Hill told me the point of living is not the result but it is the experience of doing it. Back to me contemporary problem, I would have an easier life if I chose to drop those classes. My GPA would be very high as a piece of cake, I don’t have to stay up until 11:30pm at night and get up at 4am fight against me to get out of the warm blanket. The GPA does not matter.

Well, it does only matter to your transcript, but once you graduate, no one ever cares about it. It is just meaningless number. The thing is I can learn from my experience and apply it to life. I am willing to suffer hardship and failures, however, I would not have any chance to taste those experience again in my life. Think about it, would the score really matter in life. No! You will have to die and high scores does not help you to resuscitate.

By the time your last day in life, you will appreciate all the good and bad experiences. The way you did in life matters, not the achievements or results. If you fail, take it as a lesson, and keep moving on. Struggle through it and believe yourself could make it. Just remember, the point of life. Anyway, you will die, do things that you challenging things that you want to try, you like it.

Don’t be afraid of being failed or hardship. To encourage you, I would bring you my results so far in the class. I had 7/12 in my First AP Calculus test, 10/12 on the second and 9/10 on the third. It was so bad in my first test and everyone dismayed me from keep moving on as they thought it was impossible. People told me I should drop them.

It was a very difficult time. The teacher kept saying these are just reviewing and the students suppose to know and familiar with them. At the same time, in my French class, it did not get any better. But thanks to Mr. Hill, he did not disdain me.

His encouragement has forced and pushed me up to fight for it. Now, I am doing very well in French class too. Whenever I was about to give up, I reminded myself of his words. The experience you gain is important. Once you are trained with hardship, you will get used to it. P.

S:I am so glad that after I few weeks writing this blog, I came across a book and I have an example of a girl from the book I read shares the same similarity to me. Her name is Kara, she used to be a B student in her school with some trifle hours of community service. Her friend, who is a straight A student told her to drop her current math class and take another easier Math class in order to have a higher GPA and it looks good on her transcript. But guess what, Kara did not care. She liked it, and she would not care about how hard and how terrible how grade would be, that’s what she wanted to learn and that’s the only thing matter to her. I am so happy that at least some one had the same thoughts as mine.

And guess what, this girl ended up get accepted to Stanford University. Well, it’s not the only factor that makes her to Stanford Uni, but what I mean, don’t get your grades or your reputation to destroy your dreams, your passion of learning and life.