Guidance to Life

Throughout a student’s life, they learn and take very many classes that are supposed to help them prepare for their future as an adult.

However, by the time students graduate high school, they still do not have an understanding of how the real world works. Because of this, schools should have a mandatory life skills class students must pass before graduating because students need an idea of how they will live life as adults. Most high school students are used to living with their parents and being able to rely on them for almost everything. Parents pay bills, drive places, and pay for extra things such as fast food. If students are used to knowing their parents can handle the bills, how will they ever learn how to manage these things when it is time to live on their own. By the time students reach college or after college, living alone can become a struggle for them because they have to quickly learn how to manage and balance everything.

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Parents will also appreciate a life-skills class and it will ease their minds to know their student is learning important skills for their future. Overall, a Life-Skills class will benefit students and take stress off of parents. High school students should also be required to take a life skills class because they need to learn the ability to manage time, money, a job, and school. Living on one’s own can be especially hard for someone who has never had to do anything for themselves before and was able to rely on their parents or someone else. Once the student has to have their own place, they must learn to pay bills and get a job to support themselves and their lifestyle. They will then have to learn how to manage time and money between bills, food, and other necessities.

When people are unable to do all of these things in a timely manner, it can lead to them being in debt. Students could end up homeless in situations because they were never taught how to live on their own and skills they need for the future. One might say a life skills class is not necessary because teens can be successful and have been successful in the past without it. Teens need to learn how to live on their own and figure out how to work for themselves. However, guidance will only help them and could make their life after high school easier.

Most people can use guidance in situations like moving away from home, and they will still learn how to live on their own. A Life Skills class could teach a variety of things like communication, decision making, preparation for college and career, and how to work with others. It is important for people to choose and experience different ways of life, but guidance to help them is also important for the student’s success. In conclusion, teens should work towards getting a “Life Skills” class added to the curriculum in the future because students need to know how to provide for themselves and manage their time and money. They can do this by having a meeting with administration and people who will have to approve this.

A meeting will be called and students will present the idea to everyone including the points explaining why “Life Skills” is an important class. The curriculum will include teaching topics that involve communication and working with others, decision making, and preparation for college and career. Overall, Life Skills should be a required class for all students to actively participate in.