Explanation Of Life Goals

As of now I am a 9th grader.

I am described as and very outgoing, ambitious, and high expectation havingyoung lady and also a leader. My gpa is a 3.9-4.0 but next year my gpa would be a 4.0-5.0 or higher.

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I am a straight “A” student who someday wishes to be an National Honor Society Student. While i,m in high school I don’t plan to be a part of any sport teams or anything that would distract me from my studies. I plan to graduate high school on time or even earlier but in order for me to do that I would need to stay concentrated and don’t let anything take my focus of being an over acheiver. While in high school I also plan to meet all the requirements that are required for me to get into my dream college Miami State University In Florida (The Hurricanes). In order for my to do that I would have to stay on task and learn that every time is not play time, I also need to adapt to my enviroment and choose my friends very wisely. Before I begin to accomplish those task I would need to get my attitude in check and become close to my teachers because in high school your teachers would need to be your best friend because at the end of it all your going to need their input on everything.

I would also need to practice good studying skills to help improve my memory, and good homework. In class I need to stay on task and learn. I also need to use my time wisely and concentrate more on myself other than people who could care less about me. I will have to get rid of my friends who don’t plan on being anything in life, because I don’t need that kind of bad energy near me at all.Before I graduate high school I know I would need to have all my credits but if i,m failing classes their a huge possibility i won’t graduate, so I would need to began freshmen year off smooth and continue on. So by the time I become a senior I would already have service learninghours just for doing volenteer work and staying after school helping others.

So since i have everything i need to graduate there will be no doubt about it. I am going to graduate a National Honor Society Student, who knows which college shes going to and how she wants her career to take off but i would first need to start with college. After I graduate high school I want to attend Miami State University In Florida. I,m still deciding what I want to major in but I know it will be dealing with law such as, criminal justice, law enforcement, and crime lab investigation it all falls under one categorie. While in college I plan to be an AKA orDELTA ,I plan to pass all my classes, party, and stay on task.

I also plan to get my own apartment about my second year in collegeand also get a job so my parents won’t have to send me money almost every week. I don’t plan on having any kids while i,m in college because it could mess up my whole career and all i had planned for myself. I do not plan on getting married in college but if it happensthat would be okay. When the holidays come up I plan on being home But if my roommate or fiends parents have a big mantion I wouldn’t mind spending my christmas and thanksgiving with them. I also plan to become great friends with my professors or mentors so that when i may some how fall behind they would be able to help pick me back up.

My last year of college I am going to graduate but i do plan on going back to get more education on my major. After I accomplish all those goal my life would go well as planned unless something falls apart and doesn’t go as planned but other than that I would have a pretty great life.