When is homework too much

“Love is the best school, but the tuitionis high and the homework is painful”(Diane, Ackerman). Homework is a big stressor and it can often cause time lost with family and friends. Or can make you miss out on a chance to make some money. Therefore I believe homework is assigned too much.

Homework has been assigned to students for years. Homework is a long standing education transition. It has been assigned from generations ago when school consisted of writing, reading, and has been a positive for many years no one has had a problem. Recently homework is becoming more a problem than ever before. Homework causes too much stress. Less than 1% of students said there homework was not a stressor and more than 56 percent of students consider homework a primary source of stress.

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Many of these students said their homework led to sleep depression and other health problems. Denise Pope a senior lecturer at Stanford university found that excess homework causes it not to be effective and it can even be counterproductive. Homework takes up too much time. Researchers at Stanford found that spending too much time on homework meant that students were not meeting their developmental needs or cultivating other critical life skills. A different set of researchers say 120 minutes of daily homework for seniors but they are doing twice.

One parent says my fifth grader just spent 3 plus hours on homework. Another parent says that a majority of the kids in her daughter’s class had to sit out during recess to work on their homework. Homework has a big effect on family time. The only interaction kids have with their parents include arguments about homework. “There’s never a break never” one student says.

Another says says ” It takes me away from everything I used to do”. One parent says they can’t plan around dinner and it’s not there fault. Kids have work after school and homework is not helping. “I don’t get home until about 11 on work nights and then I have to eat dinner and shower, so I don’t even start my homework until around midnight said Cory Scott. Trying to do work, make money, find a job and do well in classes and extracurriculars can be a lot to handle said Scott.

As more teens take on part time jobs, students come into classes sleepy and distracted. Nearly 46% of high school students were part of the labor force. Some say we need more homework because it keeps us academically well. 90% of of the high school students I speak with say they are under great stress. Most if the time it’s related and much of that combination of too much homework and too little sleep.

A new study shows by Kenneth Ginsburg demonstrates how important unstructured play is for children’s development. A study shows sleep is needed and you need time to read etc. In conclusion many people may argue that teachers should stop assigning homework. Learning all of this shows to me homework is actually not helping us as much as we thought. You guys should have learned that teachers assign too much homework.