When Reality Set In

When Reality Set In They say that if you love something to let it go, but I can not bring myself to part with my baby. Ev was at the house, seeing the captain and me over a cup of tea.

All of a sudden I heard the bell ring and I rushed outside. Percy was yelling and I looked to see Helen fighting with one of our servants holding a pair of scissors in her hand. I ran to her. The last thing I wanted was for Helen to hurt herself or someone else. We went inside where James, Aunt Ev, and the Captain were all talking.

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I set Helen down and she began to feel her way around the room the way she normally does. Helen went over to Ev, who gave her a doll she had made for her from a towel. Ev has always been so nice to Helen. The Captain and James were quarreling and I noticed Helen getting upset with the doll but I didn’t think much of it. Helen is always upset about something. The Captain and I were arguing about what to do with her, he refused to write a letter to a doctor.

I am sure someone could help, we have tried before hopefully this time it will differ someone has to reach Helen. The Captain said he does not want to try on a lost cause, but to me Helen is not a lost cause. Helen is a bright girl, I just know it. She was beginning to speak before she was two, before that horrible illness caused her blindness and deafness. James believes we should send her away, to some asylum.

Helen does not belong in an asylum, she belongs at home, with me. Silence filled the room. Suddenly Ev let out a startled gasp, I turn around to see that Helen had pulled the buttons off poor Ev’s dress. At first I thought she was being mean, but then it hit me. Eyes. She wants the doll to have eyes.

Ev insisted that the buttons were not a big deal, but the Captain was getting heated over it. I was just happy that Helen was happy. Helen walked over to the cradle where the baby was, it did not dawn on me until heard a sudden crash. She had knocked over the cradle and put her doll inside. Mildred was screaming, the Captain was yelling, and Ev and I in shock. Helen had put herself into such a horrible situation.

I was trying to scold her when she put her fingers in my mouth, this child was always doing this, Ev says it is because she wants to talk, you know to be normal. Unfortunately, she probably won’t ever be normal. I gave Helen a piece of candy and she calmed down. After the chaos had settled, the Captain finally gave in and agreed to write the letter. This has to work, I just know Helen can be taught, it has to be possible.

This letter could be our last chance before the Captain gives up and puts her away. If someone comes and can not teach HelenI am not sure what I will do. I have too many hopes for Helen, seeing the doctor fail again, I could not stand it. Maybe, just maybe if the Captain sends this letter someone could come and be a true miracle worker. Arguing with the Captain breaks my heart it seems he does not have any hopes for my Helen, but through persistence he agreed to write the letter.

My biggest concern is that this will not work and Helen will be confused and left in the dark. I have to believe that this will succeed in teaching Helen. If I do nothave hope, who will? Even if this fails, I will never give up on her. As Albert Einstein says “you never fail until you stop trying”. Helen can be taught, Iknow how bright she is. I need her to be able to be taught just as much as she does.

When I can talk to my Helen, I will tell her how much I love her. This letter has to work, it may be the last hope before the Captain gives up.