Which School?

School is something that everyone does for almost all of the beginning of your life. The first 6 years of school are the easiest of them all. Then they get harder and harder.

As you go through junior high and high school it becomes much harder. Kids are always looking forward to going to junior high and high school. Junior High and High School are the same in some ways. They are also different. Both are a place for education but there are also many differences between them. When you go to junior high from elementary school it is really different.

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You don’t have recess, you switch classes and teachers, you change for gym and you have longer at lunch. In junior high you have mostly the same kids in your class. So everyone with your English teacher also has the same math, history and science teacher as well. Also you get assigned more homework then you did before in 6th grade but still not a lot. I personally feel that they don’t trust you when you are in junior high, you are always being watched and you get less time in the halls.

You don’t get to pick your classes when you are in junior high, they pick them for you. Junior high is a step up from elementary school but it still isn’t the same as high school, academically or socially. Going into high school for junior high is a better transition then the one that you made 2 or 3 years earlier. Now you know kind of what to expect. The biggest thing in high school is that you have to take finals, twice a year every year, they are the worst.

Also in high school there is a lot more school spirit and people care where they go to high school. Also, you get a ton of school work and the tests are way harder. But when you are in high school you get more freedoms, you get longer in the halls and you can go off campus for lunch, along with other things. They also give you the freedom of picking your own classes, trusting you will pick the right ones. High school is much different from Junior high it is more fun and you get a better education.

The difference between junior high and high aren’t just academically they are everything. When you are in junior high you are restricted in what you can do. They are always watching you and giving you the right things to do. In high school that is way different because they trust that you will do the right thing and that they give you freedom in doing what you want. In all there is a major difference between the two schools. Both education environments teach you what you need to know but there is a major difference with how they do.