White Squall: How Frank Changed

In the movie, “White Squall,” one of the main characters names was Frank. Frank was not a kid the other boys liked much. He was considered a daddy’s boy, and not respected as much as the others. When Frank first arrives, he is flown in on his dad’s plane, a few days late, his dad comes on board, does most of the talking, and doesn’t quite get along with the Captain.

So, right off the get-go, the boys are not very fond of Frank. As for his attitude in the beginning, I would say that he was lacking service, cooperation, caring, and a few others. While on the boat, Franks attitude seems to improve. He starts caring for others, he offers to help Dean with his studies, and cooperates with everyone else better. The boys also start respecting him better, and care for him.

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When Frank’s dad arrives, towards the middle of the movie, his attitude starts to change for the worse. After Frank’s dad arrived one day to take his “little boy” to dinner, he and Frank get into a fight. Frank decides to go to the dance all the other boys are at. At the dance, Frank is drunk, outside, and is breaking things. The boys come, and try to get him calmed down more, and he starts punching them. Back on the boat, a few days later, they see dolphins swimming along side the boat.

All the boys go out to see them, and Frank grabs one of the harpoons. He then proceeds to shoot the dolphin, and punctures it in the lung. While the other boys and the captain try to help the dolphin, Frank just stands there watching. For this reason, he gets kicked off the boat. On the shore, before going to his dad’s car to go home, Frank and the captain are standing there talking.

Frank apologizes, and shakes the captains hand. When we see Frank again, its after the storm, and the boys just figured out that Frank and his dad are the ones that are the reason for the trial. Chuck, another of the main characters, comes to ask Frank to persuade his dad to call off the trial. Frank smirks, and refuses. Chuck then proceeds to give Frank the bell from the boat, that says “Where We Go One, We Go All.” At the trial, at first, Frank has an attitude, that basically says “I‘m better than all of you,” and doesn’t say anything to anyone.

In the end, however, Frank decides that he does like the captain and the other boys, and, against his dads wishes, he stands and rings the bell that says “Where We Go One, We Go All.” So, I think that Frank not only grew in character, but also grew in maturity. I think that if he uses what he learned wisely, he will grow up to be a fine man.