Who Am I?

“Life is a Highway,” by Tom Cochrane. This couldn’t be truer. Everyone’s highway is different, some are bumpy, some have a lot of twists and turns, and some people have a smooth highway and sail through life easily.

My highway is not very smooth and has some sharp turns and some potholes. I plan to survive this highway of life and utilize it for all it is. As one individual there are many characteristics and traits that portray who I am as a person. I love to laugh, love to draw, and love to bake and cook. If someone was to describe me they would say I am intelligent, creative, artistic, friendly, thoughtful, respectful, and ambitious. Throughout life my road has had many bumps, pot holes, twists, and turns, and many people in my life have changed and inspired me, to further this they have influenced my choice of careers and I have learned respect, responsibility, and most of all to be grateful to and value everyone I know.

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Everybody has a life story and my seventeen years of life have been a roller coaster ride. When I was little I lived in an apartment at the time my dad had left my mom while she was at work, leaving the next door neighbor to watch me and my two younger sisters. When he left I didn’t know it was going to be a permanent thing. I just thought that he was going somewhere and that he was going to be right back. Right before he left, he came in to my room and said four simple words to me, he said “I love you Breezy,” and then he left. A few weeks after my dad left we started visiting him every other weekend.

About the same time my mom was taking my two sisters and me to counseling sessions where the counselor would tell us all the time that it was not my fault that my dad had left us. I was confused because I didn’t know why we were going to these sessions because I had never thought it was my fault in the first place. When I was older my dad had went to jail for doing drugs and I didn’t get to see him at all anymore. My dad was in jail for five years of my life, so while he was gone and my mom had to work I had to always babysit my little sisters because she couldn’t find a babysitter. Growing up without my dad was hard.

Because my dad left when I was little with two even younger sisters, growing up I had to learn responsibility at a very young age, younger than most children. I am very responsible now and even though it was hard growing up without my dad I still survived. This being said, I am a fighter and I can overcome anything thrown my way. As people say “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,” and I am stronger because of this. This is only part of my highway of life.

There are always people in life that will influence you and change your outlook on things and I would like to talk about someone in my life who has done this for me. In my family many people have died of cancer. My aunt Raylene being one of them. I love my aunt Raylene and when she died I had decided that when I was older I wanted to find a cure for cancer. I visited my aunt Raylene when she was sick and in the hospital a few days before she had died, I was really little then and remember seeing her in the hospital bed.

At the time it all felt so surreal to me, I thought this woman couldn’t be my auntie, she’s to pale and sick looking to be her. In the hospital room she was in, everything had the look of death on it and somehow I just knew that death was on her door step and her life road was at an end, I knew she only had a couple days left. I walked up to her grabbed her hand and cried. At her funeral I kept thinking of something that my mom was always telling me “Breezy, value everyone you know because one day they will be there and the next they’ll be gone,” and that is exactly how I felt. Because of my aunt Raylene I no longer take people for granted and value people for everything that they are. Ever since grade school people have been asking me what I want to do when I grow up and until about freshman year of high school I never really knew.

Going through high school I have formed my own thoughts and opinions and have made my decision. I desire to be a lot of things; I would like to be a scientist, politician, doctor, artist, interior designer, architect, chef, baker, business owner, forensic scientist, ecologist, detective, crime scene investigator and a cake decorator. I am interested in all these careers, but I can’t be everything, so I chose a career that I love and know I will enjoy. So the career I chose to pursue is a cake decorator/baker with my own business. I chose this because it combines my two most favorite things, baking and art, and In the future I would like to consider myself an artist in the culinary world.

These careers that I aspire to be are either influenced by events in my life or people in my family. Because of this I am very ambitious and see myself having a very ambitious future. These bumps, potholes, twists, and turns, of my road have changed me and my future, and many people in my life have changed and inspired me, to further this I have chosen a career to pursue because of influences in my life, and I have learned many things not only, but including; respect, responsibility, and most of all, to be grateful to and value everyone I know. I am really ambitious and see myself having a bright future. I strive for success and seek a successful future. These are things that make me different from others, but most of all I aspire to change the world, whether it’s finding a cure for cancer or baking and decorating delicious cakes.