Why do girls feel as if they must be drunk to feel happy?

I used to think that guys are the ones who seek physical pleasure and strip away a girl’s virginity. However, the willingness to let loose and give in to a blissful evening before marriage is as powerful for girls. In college, I witness this every day. The elevator divides the girls on my floor; the left side is the non-party girls (me) and the right side are the ones who relish long evenings of dancing. I feel both pity and compassion for the gals on the right side of the elevator.

I do not understand why they believe that wearing very little clothing enhances self-worth and that the more guys that they have lain with, the more dignified they become. I don’t understand why they ignore their self-respect. They live in a world in which everything seems upside down: their skirts are turned inside out after parties, they are active in the evening and recover from hangovers in the day, etc. In return, they think that I am strange and abnormal. That I must be lonely and miserable not throwing up in trash cans and hooking up with the first guy that I see. Numbness and ignorance are strong emotions that keep these party girls sane.

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It seems as if all of the Disney princess movies that they have watched and their parents’ love have no effect on their lives. By perverting youthful beauty into promiscuity, they do not realize that they are destroying themselves. What is so precious should be preserved for a beautiful marriage. One of my floor mates went to a fraternity dance last night. Spending hours straightening her hair, debating between dresses, and infatuating about the guy she will spend the evening with, she returns to her dorm thirsty for water and sick from all the alcohol she drank.

Usually bubbly and sweet, my floormate crawled to the toilet, threw up, and did not have enough energy to put on pajamas. I have never seen someone so lost almost dysfunctional, and used. As I filled up her water bottle and helped her crawl into bed, I could only feel my heart ache for her. She believes so strongly in the lie that the shorter her dress is, the more a guy will like her. She believes that the more that she drinks and lets go of her conscience, the more she will enjoy life and feel satisfied. But, the truth is that she is a jewel or princess.

She should never have to be dirty to feel beautiful. My heart breaks for my floormates. Girls should feel beautiful for who they are, not because they have slept with many guys. Every girl want attention from guys, but she ought to feel like a princess and not a toy. I want to reach out to them whenever I can and remind them of the true essence of self-worth.