Why Do We Have to Read?

I think we should read because it helps keep our imagination. Each time I read a book, I am somehow drawn into it.

Like I’m a charactor in the novel. Most teens my age hate reading because it bores them or they just don’t appreciate it. The problem they might have is that they don’t know what type of book they would like to read (ex. romance, true events, mystery and etc). Technology is taking over more and more now days from Kindle’s to iPads. For me, personaly, I refuse to buy a Kindle or a Nook simply because I enjoy the feeling of going to a book store and picking up a new book.

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I call it a “Nerd” feeling. Reading helps people escape into a new world. One that some people have never incountered yet. You should just keep reading because there is a world that you just need to learn.