Choices. Read this

Choices are the get go to life. As a child i was always told to make good choices.

Although some people speak before they think , act before they think , and decide before they remember , life goes on. Well let’s just say I myself have made choices, that have not yet brought the good out of me. I was at my school one day and i was being name called , which we could say is “verbal Abuse”. I took things into my own hands without thinking and popped that girl about 6 times in the face. After i did it, i started thinking.

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“Is this really me” , “Am I really putting myself in this situation. After all was over, i get expelled. I wasn’t mad at myself, i was dissapointed , not at the fact that I had done what i did, but for the fact that I wasn’t thinking about my reputation, my consequences, or anything else. My mother was dissapointed , but she soon got over it. I now attend an “Alternative Eduacation Center” because of my choices. I could have done something completely different, but I chose not to.

Choices are your life, they will get you anywhere and everywhere , wheather thats where you want to be or not. And I’m I’m not telling you to let people to run over you, just simply stating, think before you take action. And always remember, choices get you wherever you need to be in life. Choices ARE your life.