Why do We Study Literature?

Literature has always been an essential part of our cultural tradition. It represents various kinds of people, language, history and heritage. All literary works have always been at our  disposal to enhance our lives and imagination. Literature has the power to bring its readers to a realm beyond their limited life experiences. More so, it can stimulate the intellect and the emotion that intensifies our understanding of the past, our community and our own individual lives.

Furthermore, literature can take us in a magical journey to the yesteryears in which we can relieve the days of the Beatles or the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. Also, through literature the way of living in the 15th century, insights during the Renaissance period or the tragedies that transpired during the World Wars can be reminisced. By simply reading and studying historical texts we can generate a clearer understanding of the modern world. And also, through literature, we can explore new things that can either be fact or fiction that encourage us to be more inquisitive and creative.Studying literature has a lot of benefits. In my case, literature paved the way in enhancing my writing skills.

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Reading numerous literary works from different genres like classic literatures of Moby Dick and Catcher in the Rye to the more edgy works such as the fantasy novels of Neil Gaiman, exposed me to many writing styles and composition. This experience had enlightened me about human nature and relationships that increased my knowledge about human complexities. Also, it gave me a glimpse on the brilliance of these geniuses, the authors and writers. However, the most gratifying experience is when a reader feels a personal connection with the author. Easily relating to the subject and the author has enabled readers to effortlessly comprehend the content of a literary piece.

In addition, people’s personal experiences can be validated at a depth through literature which is hardly ever reached by daily life or the mass media.An unforgettable reading experience for me was interpreting Paolo Coelho’s book called The Alchemist. Reading the book was both entertaining  and enlightening. The process of flipping one page to another opened my eyes to a new environment and my mind to the puzzling reasons on the existence of life. I was deeply moved by the message of this story.

“The Alchemist” inspired me to rethink my life. It showed me several possibilities that could happen if I just reflect on my life and my purpose in the world. Coelho encouraged his readers to reach for their dreams and when they have the right mind set every element in the universe will conspire to help them realize their aspirations. The feeling of exhilaration filled my emotions after reading this magnificent work of Coelho. More so, I was encouraged to perceive my existence as an adventure and that anything will be possible if I just put my heart and soul into it.

Immersing myself in this piece of literature have really broaden my knowledge about the world and myself.Literature have lasted for many decades and centuries because they are simply marvelous. These works state things that are worth saying in an artistic manner which is strong enough to become steadfast outlasting inferior works to drop in obscurity. Since studying literature has many advantages, it is only proper to include it as part of any school’s curriculum to produce more educated and cultured individuals.