Why gmos are good.

Gmos are amazing because they can improve the world.Using them you can help end world hunger, make every person extremely healthy, and make it so crops don’t get diseases. Some say that because of gmos people are making herbicide and pesticide resistant crops, which makes people more prone to add more pesticide and herbicide which can poison people and or leak into the water lines. Well people use more pesticide and herbicide with NATURALLY grown crops. Making it safer to eat gmos. People might have a problem with the fact that scientists playing god and they shouldn’t.

Well if he gave us the ability and they’re doing it then it’s in his/her plan for them to do it. They can and are helping with the world hunger problem. People can and are doing this by make crops and animals that are much bigger. People are already working on pig with more meat and Apples with more exocarp (I’m 52 percent sure that’s the apple equivalent to flesh.

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) If there’s bigger food then not only will we have enough to end hunger here but America and other countries can donate more to poor countries with less food. And since there doing it, it’s not a theory or guess that it could happen. It’s happening! Using g.m.o.s people can create extremely nutritious foods that can be useful and beneficial for humanity.

The possibilities of vitamins and tastes from this is near limitless. If every food could be changed then people who let’s say hate brussel sprouts can make it taste like anything they want with the nutritional values still intact! Scientists are working on multiple types of foods with twice or even thrice the amount of disease fighting vitamins, so you won’t get as sick as often. In combination of everything else that’s been done, it seems as if there is very little if not any downside whatsoever! With gmos you could make diseases resistant crops and animals as well. With the disease resistant food it would make it easier to grow food. Which would save both money and time. If people made disease resistant crops, they could transport it easier and if they could transport it easer then they could get it to starving countries with the most food possible.

And with disease resistant crops you could lower the chance of food poisoning from diseased foods. Which could be beneficial to a company’s food reputation which would benefit their sales. Now with all that information of gmos, really there’s not much of a downside. With gmos not only can you help end world hunger, but you can make every food taste good and be healthy, AND make crops disease resistant! Now with all that information are gmos the big bad danger of tomorrow? Or are they a misunderstood way of improving the future? Thats you opinion to decide on.