Honeybee Extinction

Bumblebees and Honeybees are two major species of bees that affect our ecosystem and environment. Not many people notice them, but without them, the world would be different. Bees are one of the most influential organisms on human life and the world’s ecosystem. They have functions that allow the reproduction of plants and flowers. These important functions are what makes the declining bee population so alarming.

Many people don’t notice the population of bumblebees and honeybees declining. And it would be a reasonable assumption that not that many people care if these types of bees go extinct. However, the extinction of bees will have lasting effects on food production for humans and animals. Without the work these bees do everyday, the entire population of food and nutrition in other foods would go down. These bees pollinate and essentially reproduce plants to double and even triple the amount of plants and other types of flowers. Life without bees would create a worldwide famine on earth.

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There will be a steep increase in hunger and poverty. Bees affect the production of clothing, fuel, animals, and all living creatures. Cotton, that is used to make clothing, will significantly go down in production. Ingredients in oil and fuel will decline which will create a decline in production. Bees are able to pollinate at a rate faster than other source of pollination.

The production decline of food and crops will be the most significant problem. One in every three bites of food we eat is produced from bees ( Daftardar, 2017, August 31). Animals and humans will suffer from this major decrease in food. The decline in food will cause our population to decline drastically. In order to save the bees, laws should be put in place that make the spraying of pesticides on crops illegal.

This will stop farmers from using these pesticides and will be better off for everyone in the future. The worst part about the declining population of bees is that it could be preventable. Humans have caused the decline in bees from spraying pesticides over crops to kill parasites on the plants. This pesticide, however, has killed millions of bees and is the cause of the decline in bees. The pesticides hurt the farm industry in the long run because the extinction of bees will cause much greater harm than any parasite would.

We currently don’t have a solution besides spraying the pesticides on the crops in the farm industry, so there’s almost nothing we can do besides trying to find pesticides that are safe for bees. Since these insects are so important to our human population, we’d like to see some increased awareness. If we can increase the awareness of the importance of these bees, then maybe there will be more science behind helping this cause. Some increased funding and research put into saving these bees would be completely worth it, because like we said before, without them the entire world will suffer. Unless we find new alternatives to the maximization of food production in a short period of time, then saving the bumblebees and honeybees is our only answer.