Why Is School So Hard?

Why is school so hard? How come people over stress about school and get zits all over their face and freak out about it? For sure I know I do. School can be so stressful because you need to get great grades so you can get into college. College is really important so you can go and get into a career. But to get into college you need to have the most perfect GPA and a great act score. So would kids still work hard in school to get the grades if it didn’t depend on their future? But why is school so hard? I looked up what a parent said and she said this. “thats because the schools are trying to teach kids nowadays stuff that should be kept in a high grade level instead of putting it in elementary and middle school, I think it creates to much pressure on kids today.

Some of the stuff that being bought home is stuff that I’ve never seen in my grade level back in the day. I’m all for advancing some stuff but schools should give kids a break at least to enjoy their childhoods without the pressure of “what do you want to be when you grow up???” question, or think about college and PSAT, SAT’s too early in school. Let a kid be a kid.” I looked on a website and it said that school is hard because knowledge keeps growing from years to years. And it will help you become a better person and help you in life.

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