Why Percy is Great

There are many different stories with a plethora of unique characters. All of these people, weather human or not, are special.

They have the ability to teach lessons, entertain an audience, and connect on so many levels with the real world. Out of all of these characters Percy Jackson created by Rick Riordan is one of the greatest examples on this. Percy Jackson started his adventures in 2006. He suffers from dyslexia and ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. He was raised in a less than happy home with his cruel step-father Gabe Ugliano and his loving mother Sally Jackson. He has some issues with anger and has trouble controlling himself when someone he cares about is hurt.

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He inadvertently teaches those who read his story that it doesn’t matter where you come from. His choices were what made him a hero. His kindness, loyalty, upbeat tone, and general good will grew despite the fact that he’s faced bullies, a borderline abusive step-father, betrayals and the deaths of many of his friends. Percy Jackson is a true hero who grew from years worth of true trauma.Percy’s character is one of the most entertaining anyone will ever read.

His story is told in the first person perspective. This gives an insight into his personality and attitude. He is snarky and sarcastic. He has the uncanny ability to make many situations funny while still retaining the integrity of his tale. He has something to say about every different thing. He has a spirit that just draws people in to him.

His attitude towards his enemies is also very entertaining to watch. He has a way of riling them up in a way that makes his battles engaging and tense. While readers know that Percy is bound to win, they still feel the suspense on how it will happen. No two fights are the same. Percy’s ability to keep his readers engaged is something that makes his veryspecial.

One of the most important things about him is how Percy can connect so well with the good and the bad that people in the real world experience. Percy’s story begins when he is twelve years old. He has had a hard life up to this point and things just get harder. This parallels how teenagers are growing up and changing. Percy is able to connect to so many kids and teenagers because the base issues are the same. Kids grow up and their lives get more complicated.

On another note, he can also relate to all of the good things that growing up entails. He gains irreplaceable friends and losses other friends, just like people do when they grow up. How Percy connects to his audience truly makes him special. With all of the vast world of literature and films, there are many great characters to choose from. They teach people important lessons, they entertain their respective audiences, and they have the wonderful ability to connect so well to the people who learn about them.

Out of all of the characters in the world, Percy Jackson is one of the few who have the ability to do all three.