Why School Is Important

Everyone goes to school, and we complain about going to school. “When is it going to be Friday?” Uncomfortable desks, waiting for graduation, and not giving your best effort in anything school related are our lives. Oh but sports is another story. Everyone loves sports! You give 110% in sports.

Wait we have a math test tomorrow or homework in English class. They can wait. Right? “GPA is important!” Well I will start caring my senior year. WRONG, ever hear of senioritis? Well it’s contagious, even to freshman or anybody. I hear all the time; “I do not want to go to school Monday!”Suck it up buttercup! You do not comprehend what it’s like out of this country.

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My history teacher who was a major in the army yelled at us and always told us what girls in the Middle East are fighting for, EDUCATION!”Y’all do not understand!” Well I do! I have seen Honduras with an orphanage. Some were home school in one of their buildings while the oldest, a girl about 20 or so, is trying to get a college education which is exceptionally rare while taking care of the younger ones. Do you not remember those 200 something girls taken by a racial group in the Middle East? #bringbackourgirls, they were fighting for education! (CNN)”One year after it was perpetrated, the kidnapping of nearly 300 schoolgirls by a jihadist group in Nigeria remains a crime almost too horrifying to comprehend: Hundreds of teenage girls, just finishing school, destined perhaps for significant achievement — kidnapped, never to be seen again.” They are still captivates for wanting education. Every year we have plans for summer and vacations, but we do not want school to start again! NO NOT THAT! Well some people do not get summer because of what they are fighting for.

Education is free in America, and we don’t try hard! Best effort is a phrase we do not understand sometimes. So why do we complain? Is it because it’s what we are accompany to?Has it just become easy? “Why do homework when we have school?” Then you get the question why do we even have school? Some would say we are captivates for not wanting to go, but we still do. We have that right; some want to have that right. Is Friday still your salvation or is it school? My history teachers voice rings in my ear, “count your blessings.” Education: 1.