Why “Schools of Choice” are Bad for Everybody

The issue of equal education is hotly debated in our community right now. With near constant budget cuts, many parents are arguing for the closure of “schools of choice” and other additional educational programs used by the schools of this county. I for one agree with theses parents 100%. Being a student of one of these horrendous institutions this state tries to call a school, I know the horrible truths behind facade of high test scores and successful students.

I have never been to a place where students were so diligent in their work. Every single day without fail one could view students spending much of their time on academic pursuits. It is absolutely horrible how these students help each other. Instead of teachers tutoring students, students are tutoring other students. In the halls, in the cafeteria, in the library, everywhere.

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By far the worst part about this tutoring is that the students actually enjoy helping each other. They also enroll in theses ridiculous classes that are for college credit. The students enroll themselves and genuinely want to succeed in them. It is disgusting how much effort these students are putting into these difficult classes when they could just coast by in a non- school of choice. These schools in no way prepare students for the “real world” because the environment is way too nurturing.

It is odd how, as a general rule, students are kind and accepting of others. What is up with that? If I were a parent I sure wouldn’t want my children to go to a school of choice. I’d want them to experience the “real high school experience” of drug deals, teen pregnancy, wild parties, bullying and disrespect. In fact, I strongly disapprove of the acute lack of malicious bullying and the punishment and eventual expulsion of bullies or grossly misbehaving students in these schools. Students should be distracted in classes by these students so they can exercise their minds for tolerance and patience.

I happen to have a solution to this very real problem. Shut down the “schools of choice” and use the money for other extremely useful causes elsewhere. Myself and many others firmly believe that our district needs to fund more sports teams. Sports, as any proud parent of a varsity football player will tell you, will propel kids much farther than any math or English class can. We can also use the money to thank the local legislators for helping to get rid of these public eyesores. After all, they can only benefit from a less educated voting populace.

Also by closing these schools all of the students will have an equal education. No students will have harder classes than others, even if they want and need to excel. That is why I ask you, the people of Brevard County to close down the “schools of choice” in order to stop educational inequality.