Why Separating Girls/Boys Doesn’t Improve Learning

So I’ve just read an article about whether if separating boys and girl would improve/help their performance in school or not. Personally I don’t think separating boys and girls would help them perform better in school at all.

Boys and girls aren’t really different from each other if you really think about it, but because of society and stereotypes that are created we believe that girls and boys are different from each other. Yes I think there is a difference when distinguishing whether someone is a boy or a girl, although that difference doesn’t really impact their learning. We’re “suppose” to believe that boys like to be bold, active, and sporty, while girls like to be quiet, and do “girly” stuff (like playing with dolls or doing their nails). Separating people because of their gender is like separating people because of their race. There are many stereotypes that are created everyday that we are made to believe and if we don’t believe in them then we’re called as an “outcast” and even some people would think that there’s really something wrong with you when it’s probably completely normal. I think that this highly discourages people to be passionate about what they want to do and being able to freely express yourself without getting called out for it.

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Also separating people because of their gender may also negatively impact their social skills as s boy might not be able to know how to interact with a girl or vice versa. I think that stereotypes that are being created by society may also take a role in this because boys/girls believe that their counter parts are “weird” or “odd” from themselves and discouraging them to interact with each other when in fact they’re probably almost the same and not too far off from how they both act. I believe that when someone has a low grade it’s not because you live somewhere where a school teaches with boys and girls, in fact any race, religion, social status, and etc doesn’t effect someone’s learning ability. I think it’s more of how the person personally performs and not because of their genders. If anyone really believes that then it’s just them trying to make an excuse unless if they specifically state how the opposite gender is bothering them (although it would be a much better solution if you remove that one person away since I believe it’s in most case that one person and their friends not a whole group overall). Also there are some people who are friends with their opposite genders and it would be unfair to those people to have to say goodbye to them just because girls and boys can’t be together because it impacts some people’s performance in school.

Also I don’t know how people are going to “teach” differently from girls and boys since their brains practically functions the same. Like are they going to have female teachers for girls and male teachers for boys like I don’t really understand what they mean by teach differently. Overall I think that separating boys and girls wouldn’t really improve their learning skills since I think that the human brain functions similarly regardless of genders. I personally think that the idea is far fetched and until you give me solid evidence that this is a good idea then I will gladly accept it ,but for now I will stay with my opinion. Well I’d like to hear what you guys think about the topic.

If you do disagree with my points/opinions then I’d like to see them in the comments. Also if you do a agree I’d like to see why you do also too.