6 Things Girls Shouldn't Do

There are many annoying tendencies that girls have or do. Most of the time these tendencies take place in high school before the girl is fully mature. Possessing one or more of these habits is a detriment to making and keeping friends.

Eventually you can be picked on or bullied. WEARING SKIMPY CLOTHING: Girls in high school like to wear the smallest clothes to school that clearly don’t fit them. If any part of your body is hanging out of your clothes, you should consider that it is time to go shopping and cover yourself! EXAMPLE: When girls in high school wear skirts and their entire bum is hanging out. Put some tights on please. In addition, when girls wear shirts and their cleavage is hanging out. PUT MAKE UP ON IN CLASS: It is not necessary to put make up on in class or anywhere in school besides a bathroom.

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Girls should put make up on technically when their at home. EXAMPLE: Many females in this high school think its okay when there in math class or any other class to pull out there make up bag with a mirror and start fixing themselves up. If you need to cake your face, please use the restroom! Men do not think tons of make up on your face looks good. It looks like frosting. ACT DUMB: In high school and college, girls think its okay to act as if they know nothing on purpose to have the guy they like tutor them hoping it will turn into more. Trust me boys like girls better when the girls are smart and independent! EXAMPLE: When the teacher will ask a girl to answer a question in class they get it wrong so the boy will turn around and explain it to them.

Also they will purposely fail tests to get guys attention so this way he can tutor her before the next test hoping she will do better but really she will just fail again on purpose. WHEN THEY SOMEHOW KNOW EVERYTHING: Some women like to start arguments and act as if they know everything. In reality, no one really knows everything, so I would suggest not being so argumentative. EXAMPLE: A girl who is smart about more than one topic compared to one that is educated on one topic is very different people. For example, I hear girls argue over who is the best dressed or what the weather is going to be like for the next week.

These are pointless topics to be arguing over and if you want to argue actually do it over something affecting everybody! WHEN GIRLS COMPLAIN: Many people complain, but the high school population of girls is the worst. The girls complain about everything no matter if it has nothing to do with them. For example, in high school girls will complain about homework, boys, clothes, cars, and many other things. They need to learn that in life it is not all about the little things. When you grow older half of those things do not matter at all, what matters is your family.

EXAMPLE: Girls think about the dumbest things to complain about. Many of the things they complain about as a little kid they forget in high school, and many things they complain about in high school they forget about when they get older and mature. WHEN GIRLS TALK ABOUT OTHER GIRLS: I do not think it is necessary to complain about other girls because many are very insecure. I think every girl has their own style and nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws. EXAMPLE: Many girls make fun of each other because their insecure about themselves so they decide to take it out on other girls. Girls think its okay to make fun of what another lady is wearing, girls don’t realize how bad that can put down another ones self esteem or what if there poor and cant afford brand name clothing.

In addition, many girls do not dress the same Abercrombie shirts, jeans, and uggs. Many girls have there own style and their clothes represent how they are a individual. In conclusion, many girls should absorb this information and think about how they want their reputation to be in high school, college, and when they get older and have kids. If you keep yourself from coming in contact with any of these annoying tendencies, you will not be picked on. It will also be easier to make friends.