Why to Stop Common Core

Common Core is a bad move for improving education in the United States. Why? States might be adopting the standards for money or maybe they aren’t. Either way, the people believe these rumors and we want it to stop. We want Common Core to go away. Teachers, Parents, and Students have made that clear.

Common Core math tests are making students write down how they got their answer. That may seem simple enough and it can be for some students but it is a waste of limited time and students can, and do, have trouble communicating their work through words. The practice performance test (for California, at least) for 7th grade students is not based on what 7th graders are taught. Math teachers have even admitted that it is too hard for 7th grade students, even in the advanced classes, especially because the instructions (at least what they have) aren’t clear. The problem itself isn’t too hard but when the given instructions make zero sense, students are stumped.

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I’m sure you believe that the younger generation just spends time on the internet and that may be true for a good majority of them but staring at a computer screen doesn’t help. During practice tests, students were complaining about their eyes hurting and having trouble concentrating on the test after looking at the screen for no more than 40 minutes. Their eyesight is having trouble during 40 minutes, what about during 2 hours? Headaches will be everywhere. Also, while on the topic of computers, schools are spending so much money for new computers/laptops for a test that isn’t really improving anything. If the tests do any remarkable change, it would the drop in test scores.

Money is wasted on computers when it could have been spent on textbooks (which would be helpful to the students’ education process), better pay for staff, or extracurricular activities which can bring student enjoyment and possibly extra money for the school. You may have noticed teachers, parents, and students who do not approve of Common Core. Some headlines include: APIA commends senator for looking to put a to stop Common Core in Georgia; Common Core math stumps ‘know-it-all’ college students; Why is Common Core so devastating for education; Why the Common Core flunks on civil education; Two Oklahoma senators looking to put a stop to Common Core; (and lastly) Sponsor of anti-Common Core bill stands his ground. One event: The children of rally participants hold anti-Common Core signs in front of the Louisiana Department of Education. Signs say “I’m not a guinea pig!” and “Common Core fails!” One popular chant for many is “Rotten to the Core… Stop Common Core”. One that I believe is “What’s wrong with paper and a pencil?” When I looked up the Common Core State Standards Initiative (on Wikipedia), I read through the article and found “…ensure that students graduating high school are prepared to enter credit-bearing courses at 2 or 4 year college programs or enter the workforce.

” That statement is basically saying that Common Core isn’t meant to get more students graduating high school but that the students who are are prepared to enter college or the workforce. Well, the way people talk about education, you would think that we already are prepared. If that is the case, Common Core is only causing trouble. Also, if I am remembering correctly, not one state legislature voted on the Common Core standards. A controversy is brewing because of Common Core.

There was nothing wrong with the old standards, so go back to them.