Why We Should Study Science

Why we should study science Science has brought many changes in the world today. It is used in all the corners of the world for the benefit of man. The motor-car or the electric lamp that we use today was not known to people who lived generations ago. Owing to the use of Science the people of today are able to do many things with ease and comfort. Travel has become very easy. So men’s activity has increased greatly.

Science has also been used to treat the sick and the sounded. As a result, people can now live a longer life than their ancestors could.

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Even the most serious diseases do not frighten people so much as they did before. Further, Science has made it possible for people to sit at home and see the world around. The television, the newspaper and color books help millions of people to learn at home.

The radio too has done much to teach and inform people in all parts of the world. It is therefore necessary for us to learn Science, if we wish to enjoy greater comforts. Deal all! How are you today? I have some opinions to claim why we should learn science. First of all, if you have no knowledge, you don’t have anything no job, no money and some more…

nd study not only in science but also in different area is the shortest way to gain knowledge. What if I’m a famous historical or writer and I have a good job, much money although I know nothing or few about math, physics or chemistry! OK, so do you have a computer or cell phone? How do you use it if you don’t have some basic skill about computer or internet… Who made those things and how can they make it? Of course they are engineers, experts, masters..

. or at least they have enough science knowledge which they have to learn. Do you like computer? Do you want to make your our game or edit your photo, movie, music…

You have to study some program languages or how to use some softwares. That’s science, my friend. You still not agree! You dislike computer, you never use mobile phone or telephone and you event don’t use TV and radio. So what do you do when your wife tell you to install a new socket or fuse- learn basic electrical skill or tell your wife “I can’t do it, ask your exboyfriend or someone else”. There are no electrical devices in your house+_+ where do you live^_^. What will happen when your children in grade school ask you to help them with their math, physic or chemical homework.