Wikipedia Free Essay Example

Who is Sir. Paul McCartney? The first place that you would tend to choose is to search is Google. Following would be Wikipedia to read his biography.

Then once you are satisfied you would probably click on the side where it says ‘Associated Acts’ and click on the Beatles. Then you would sprout from there and continue on and on and on looking at the different things that is related to one guy. In the end you just might end at The Wizard of Oz. You just learned so much from one website because they helped you find things that you might like. Then you can go show off all the information you know about Paul McCartney and The Beatles and when The Wizard of Oz comes up, you can totally own your friends in the conversation.

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Teachers wince at the word Wikipedia. From my experience, every teacher bans you from using it claiming that you can change the information on it. Yes, this may be true, but in order to change the information on it you must have a resource, as in a place of reference. If changed, Wikipedia will have people verify the information to make sure that it is correct. So it is really hard to change the information.

Plus if a person is going there for a project, and they need to have a Bibliography/MLA paper, just use the references/notes at the bottom of the page. They are accurate as the article itself, so it is just like using the same thing. Going green is one of the things that many people are encouraging. But how can you go green by hitting the books and not going paperless by using the computer? It takes longer to change a book (and it is more expensive),than it does to change a website. So if that statement says it all, then why are people still rejecting the use of Wikipedia? It is easy access to all and it does not use any paper like a physical encyclopedia. Teachers need to understand that students do not like to use paper.

It takes up too much space and its not cool. If everyone used Wikipedia, than the world would be much easier, and everyone would carry a smile on their face. I personally am all for Wikipedia. The question is, are you?