Williamson makes class fun and entertaining

Michael Williamson is a Social Studies teacher. He teaches economics and U.

S. History and he is the best teacher at Arrowhead High School. His class is easy and fun. He tells stories to keeps the class entertained and lets the class watch movies like Pearl Harbor and Saving Private Ryan. In U.S.

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History, Mr. Williamson helps out your grade by giving quizzes instead of tests and it’s proved to help out kid’s grades more. Williamson says he wanted to become a teacher for many reasons, but the main reason was because he sucked at architectural school. Williamson says, “I got kicked out of architecture school and so I needed to decide if I wanted to continue something that I was obviously not very good at or go with something that had intrigued me for a long time. So I switched over to education and it was the best decision I ever made.

” Teaching is now his profession and he loves it. “Yes…I don’t know many other professions that would be more enjoyable than teaching and interacting all day,” he says.

Williamson has great stories. That is also how me makes the class fun and entertaining. “I tell a story every now and then.” Although Williamson enjoys U.S.

History and watching movies, like Band of Brothers and Pearl Harbor his favorite subject is economics. “Economics, U.S History can help us understand where we have come from, but I think Economics can tell us where we are going and the consequences of those possible paths. It is more exciting to me to look forward than backwards.” He gives many wise words so they don’t get kicked out of school like he did.

He says students should “make calculated mistakes.” Williamson is a good teacher for many reasons. He actually teaches you something while making it fun and doing fun things in class. If you need help he will help you and he helps out your grade in different ways. If you are able to take any of his courses, I recommend them.