Women and Gender Studies

The sensitive issue of women as a gender victimized and subjugated has emerged as an international issue, which has been very seriously addressed by the internationally recognized organization called Women to Women International. The forum is dedicated to address the issues related to women in general in the areas of their economic security, fitness and health as well rights which secure them good education. The opportunities to enrich and benefit their position in their respective position have been taken subjectively.

This has been done with the objective to benefit the families as well as the community in which they thrive. The awareness raised by the organization has sparked an interest in the issue worldwide addressing activities and transformations which have been introduced formally with the support of the respective nation and community. These changes have been integrated beautifully with the vision of the organization to address the specific issue in comparison to other world related issues which concern the women issues like rape, assault, sexual harassment, sexual terrorism and other pornography related issues.Active involvement and transformation in their current status is one of the most forceful tolls by which the organization supports women. It tries to integrate the every day activities of the community and country within the umbrella of the legal framework which ensures the rights of the women. Women international encouraged women to overcome their hurdle by making them aware of their human rights and helping them communicate on a wider forum.

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(Women to Women). It also engages law enforcement to address such issues, is very apparent in the case of Iraqi conditions. Iraqi women’s threat to security due to lack of law enforcement and pre existing rape laws cannot be mended by a nonprofit organization such as women for women international; there are too little resources and faces Iraqi moral and religious dilemmas.The involvement of women’s organizations still faces some limitations and necessitates consideration of critical evaluation of the trends which are associated with the local community and the scope for transformation. There is need for intensive research and authentic collection of data before there will be enforcement of any social changes and cultural influences which would address the issues related to the plight of the Iraqi women as a diverse group. The complexity of Iraqi women lies in their lack of homogeneity which is presented in the differences which exist in their ethnic belief and religious practice.

The differences which exist between the urban and the rural women also play an important role in implementing any measures for change. The social class of the women also plays a critical role in the determination of the effectiveness which can achieve through the mechanism of law enforcement or vision of organizations like women to women.The social system also plays a significant role in their choices and their lifestyle as many necessary food items are rationed and sanctioned under strict regulations. Many in low income group cannot afford proper nutrition and healthcare. In some families even a proper meal is not possible which leads to manifestation of diseases and impoverishment. The law enforcement agencies do not support the plight of the women.

It is important to take up the issue of women’s right in the context of humanity to help reconstruct the efforts which have been guided to enhance the situation of the women’s issues in Iraq.The conservative nature of  in  Iraqi culture leads to significant religious involvement and activism which can help as tool to help improve the position of women in future in Iraq. This can be used as tool to reinforce the issues related to nation building in which women also play an important role. This will also help generate their positive role in public life. The security related issues and the volatile nature of the country’s political dynamics creates a situation of insurgency which has been related to  in the deterioration of the women’s condition.

The involvement of the policymaking mechanism to take active interest in the women’s issues can help the social and cultural transformation at the political, economic and educational level. The regional conflicts also need to be considered in the evaluation of the situation.The position of women in Iraq can be evaluated in terms of the historical reference which was progressive in ancient times and the deterioration began resulting in deprivation, poverty, lack of education, sexual abuse and exploitation. The levels of discrimination increased with evolution and resulted in further mistreatment and abuse by the social structure and community which was primarily dominated by men. The security of the their livelihood and existence was at stake and this also led to lack of support from the legal system and the law enforcement agencies.

The political machinery controlled the role and position of the women. The Baahist regime was the worst in their implementation of such manipulative measures. The period of 1980’s created the oil surplus which also impacted in a positive manner the condition of women in the context of health and educational opportunities.The international organization like Women to Women aims to use these historical and religious factors in developing plan of implementation which can be actively pursued within the parameters of the cultural and he religious boundaries of women in Iraq. The tried to develop a kinship organization which can historically support the public role of women based on the historical facts. This has indicated improvement in the participation of women by their inclusion in the policy framework which is addressed through the mechanism of education, involvement and networking.

Interestingly the deterioration of women’s condition was seen at its peak during the Gulf War  and it impacted the economic welfare and resulted in imposition of several restrictions which created severe strain on the plight of the women. The economic decline also triggered decline in the education sector which led many girls towards sexual exploitation, menial jobs, incidents of torture and abuse. The crime rate increased and the women prisoners also increased. The law enforcement mechanism did not provide any aid to women. There were several incidents of honor killing and sexual terrorism, which resulted in devastation and deterioration.

The historical privileges guaranteed to women under Baahist regime were not legally enforced and supported by the current system and this resulted in further deterioration in the position of the women. The situation worsened and led to international escalation of the women’s situation which initiated international forum which could intervene in the closed cultural and social barriers of the women. The rigid and conservative religious observances and the strict implementation of the cultural regulations led to serious issues related to security of the women and their stability in the context of the social welfare.It is interesting to note that cultural integrity and political mechanism also plays an important role in any recovery or sustainable reconstruction plan. The activism initiated by Women to Women and other international agencies will ensure that women are involved again in the reconstruction and the rebuilding process. There is need for nation to accept such intervention and allow the human rights agencies to initiate activities which can foster reconstruction and rebuilding of the women’s position in new Iraq, modern Iraq.

The social transformation and the cultural activism will make sure that Iraq retains its territorial independence and integrity, even with international and outside intervention. The recognition of the important role which women can play in the resurgence of the modern Iraq which is not threatened by geographical boundaries as well territorial integrity will play a critical role in the revival of the nation’s image on international scenario.  It is important to re-assure the safety of women and integrate the skills which they have for the reconstruction of the nation.The role played by Women to Women has been inspiring and has been forceful as it has been able to integrate the forces of activism and social transformation in their vision to enhance and improve the condition of women in Iraq. The platform also provides a comparative an d critical feedback from other nations an their implementation process as a guideline to overcome the barriers of conservatism and religious influence to address several issues with regard to women’s issues like marriage and divorce.

The Islamic law hold rigid in its determination and sanctions to rights related to women which is partial to men. This awareness has led to debates which have encouraged resurgence of power for women and many women rights activists have evolved to further the cause of social transformation.The mechanism of the government has also been involved to ensure safeguarding of the law enforcement agencies which needs to work in harmony with the social organizations and the international agencies under the umbrella of the government to enforce the legalization of these changes in a formal manner. In this context the Vygotskian collaborative approach for social transformation has been instrumental in implementing innovative changes which address the issues related the “psychology and education”( Stetsenkoand Igor). The integration of the emerging technology and economic changes with the historical context provides a platform which can be instrumental in crating an atmosphere which supports the women’s movement politically and socially in Iraq.

There is need for engagement in civic activities, the social justice instruments and the forces of equality which exists within the framework of the country. The combined and integrated effort directed in this manner is what will ensure social change and ideological acceptance with regard to the position of the women. The empowerment of the women in Iraq , though limited and restricted by the security issues and the loopholes related to law enforcement agencies; has seen rays of hope which can rekindle the social trial which is based on education and public policy to support the cause of women in Iraq a and safeguard them from further social subjugation, sexual terrorism and injustice. This will be beneficial for the society, community and the nation.