Word Case Study About Man With Alzhimers

Listener’s, he lives alone but he has two sons and one daughter who regularly visits him. He is getting progressively worse over time at the beginning he would make simple mistakes such as forget where his keys for the car is or forget that he was making himself a cup of tea.

John’s mood was not consistent, he began to get mood swings causing strain on relationships with friends and family members.

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Due to the confusion he was starting to have, because of restfulness, he started to isolate himself from friends and family becoming Indrawn and socially awkward as he wasn’t using social skills. He began to feel angry and frustrated as he was struggling to carry out a simple conversation because his vocabulary was decreasing and the right words where not coming to mind when trying to communicate with others.

He now has a difficult relationship with his two sons and daughter because when they come round he can no longer recognize their faces. As John no longer remembers family members in present time, many family embers do not wish to visit him giving him limited social contact.

John has become ‘err UN-hygienic and his house is very unclean as he has forgotten how to carry out simple tasks such as wash himself and brush his teeth or tidy. This means John is more at risk of disease and infection.

He gets very confused about his surrounding and cannot remember his house address or what the current year is. John gets lost regularly when going to the shop and it has been suggested he goes with a career so he can find his way home again. When John’s children come round he does not member them but sometimes he gets sudden realization of who they are and makes eye contact. John can become very aggressive when in a confused state and become violent.

His mobility is slowly getting worst he needs the support of a Nailing stick he is very clumsy and slow and is at high risk of falling. John needs to be helped when getting fed because he has lost a lot of fine motor control and can no longer hold a spoon, knife or fork. John forgets whether he is full or not, so does not finish meals which has caused him to be deficient in nutrients and make him under eight and lower his immune system making him more prone to becoming unwell.

Onion struggles to swallow his food and now needs his food to be liquefied to lower the risk of him chocking. John gets very confused about the surroundings around him and what is going on or what is being said to him and needs extra time to think about “hat is being asked of him and respond.

John has become incontinent and is no longer able to control his bowls or bladder this has really knocked his confidence making him feel ashamed and embarrassed.