Work Hard to Get a Job

Everybody should work hard to get a job because it’s the key to being successful in life. They have to put clothes on their back, pay for college, and then have a good house.

The first reason why people should have a job is they have to put clothes on their back like people want clothes . For example, a lot of people donate clothes that have been already used. I said that because there be a lot of yellow bins to put used clothes in there. The second reason why people should have jobs is to help pay for college. When people go to college, most of people get a student loan because they don’t have that type of money to pay for it themselves. For example, my mother helped pay for college though her job The last reason is to have a house not an apartment, for example my grandma have a house that is payed for.

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When she die i’m going to have to take over the house and i don’t have to pay for it because its updated. I do not have to worry about people trying to take my house. The last example is that when you live in an apartment some people don’t like to respect your space and make too much noise. I said that because i used to live in a apartment people on top of me was making too much noise. This is why women and men of ages 14 and up should have a job because of these reasons. I think that its going to change the world because everybody will have a job and money nobody will be homeless or be on the streets begging for some money on the streets.

This suggest that everybody should have a job which means that you can be very successful in life.