How to Get work Done

Your teacher assigns you a 5 page paper you need to finish in a week. You are thinking “Okay I can pound out 2 pages in an hour and finish this paper today!” You might be expecting to do this.

So you attempt many different things to get it started. You are not sure how to though; you just cannot get the perfect start to this paper. Instead of trying to finish the paper in one day, you should decide to finish it over 4 days, which is the most effective way to do it so you don’t burn yourself out. So sit down and try to do it. You are stuck and cannot think of a good opening statement that says- this is an awesome paper; this deserves an “A”. What you might end up doing is thee internet and looking up good opening statements for your topic and try to get the juices flowing.

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What you should probably do is text your friend to see what their opening statement is. If they don’t respond to you, go onto Facebook to see if they are on. So you log on and your homepage=20 notifications! You should get on that right away what if one of them is your friend who is trying to contact you about the paper. You should look at that a.s.

a.p.; you most likely ended up the Facebook for hours on end. Tisk tisk your momma says, you need to finish that paper, its due Monday! Okay not a lot accomplished on the first day that’s alright you have 6 more days to complete the paper. You get started on it right after school. Day two.

First page. A big fat nothing! That’s alright you have hours to get the first two pages done. You remember you have a book somewhere on writing about essays. You need to find that book. You can’t remember where it is.

Then go look for it. Didn’t catch that you were making your room look like a mess in the process of looking? That’s okay because you found the book and you can clean your room tomorrow. What? It is already 9 o’clock! You have other homework that is due tomorrow that you need to finish. You still have tomorrow so it is all good. Day three. First page.

Again nothing! You found the book yesterday, it is okay. You can just start today and everything will be A-Okay but your room is a mess from yesterday. If your room is looking like a mess your mom will flip out. You should clean your room before she comes up and yells at you to clean it. It’s okay to clean it because she would have told you to stop and clean it anyways.

This way you don’t have to stop writing to clean. In the midst of cleaning you found 36 dollars, a shoe you have been missing since 3 weeks ago, your missing homework from yesterday that you need to turn in, and you found your lucky pen. But wait look what time it is now? 8:30! You didn’t eat dinner, you need to shower and finish other homework again. This paper will just have to wait. This process goes on again for about 4 more days. Now it is the day before you have to turn in the paper at 7:00 pm.

You need to finish this thing now! Sit down. You crack open that book you found on the second day. It is so helpful! So you close the blinds get rid of your phone and lock yourself in your room. This technique works very well; the first 3 pages are complete, but it is 12:30. You need to go to bed now and finish in the morning.

What you do to get this done is wake up at 3:00am. But you snooze for like half an hour so you can get a little bit more rest because you were up late; so you wake up at 3:30 am. It’s fine you still have time. So you wake up and crank that sucker out and it is only 5:00 am. you can go back to sleep for another half hour.